10 Lighting ideas to add glamour to your dining room

Gold Luxe Interior, 7WD Design Studio 7WD Design Studio Modern dining room Wood effect
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In today’s modern lifestyle, dining rooms are generally used in the evenings when the family gathers to bond over a meal or to entertain guests. So it becomes crucial to rev up the style of the room with proper lighting to create a perfect ambience for an excellent get-together. With well-planned lighting ideas the interior décor of the dining room will dazzle anyone who enters it. The interior designers and decorators on homify have some fantastic ideas to illuminate the dining room of modern houses in creative ways. Have a look and be amazed! 

1. Luxurious lighting in the dining room

Gold Luxe Interior 7WD Design Studio Modern dining room Wood effect
7WD Design Studio

Gold Luxe Interior

7WD Design Studio

Bring in luxury into the dining room through a long and elaborate chandelier running all along the ceiling to cover the entire dining table. You can choose almost any type of chandelier for hanging over the table, even in a room with a low ceiling, since there is no risk of anyone walking beneath it. 

2. Modern lamps of glass and brass for the dining room

Choose modern lamps in a style that matches the décor of the integrated social space in a  contemporary house.  Elongated glass lamps with a brass base hung from above replicates candles in a modern way to add a rich and fascinating feature.

3. Simple hanging lamps in the dining room

A smart selection of light devoid of any glam and glitz can also bring style into the dining room with its simplicity. In apartments and city homes, the dining room that is open to the kitchen can be illuminated by simple pendant lamps hanging from above. 

4. Shiny false ceiling of the dining room

The wooden partition of the living and dining room extends to form the false ceiling into which spotlights are fixed, illuminating the dining room from above. It is quite an innovative and stylish way to light up the area to complement the modern décor of the house.

5. Assorted lighting of the dining room

Dining with hanging lights and benches decorMyPlace Modern dining room Plywood Grey dinging with benches

Dining with hanging lights and benches


Bring in diversity and decorate a simple dining room with lamps in varied sizes hanging from above. Different sizes and shapes or even lights fixed at different heights can make the dining room special and fashionable. 

6. Branch chandelier in the dining room

Dheeraj Residence, Meera Bagh, New Delhi, Space Interface Space Interface Eclectic style dining room
Space Interface

Dheeraj Residence, Meera Bagh, New Delhi

Space Interface

It’s en vogue! In this beautifully decorated dining room, the metal and glass branched chandelier enhances the charm of the place without overpowering the décor.

7. Elegant pendant lamp over the dining table

Chawla Residence in Gurugram, Space Interface Space Interface Minimalist dining room
Space Interface

Chawla Residence in Gurugram

Space Interface

A rectangular pendant lamp made of fibre and fabric adds glamour. Although it is elaborate, its neat lines, well defined rectangular shape and modern materials make it quite contemporary and chic – perfect for this modern dining room. 

8. Clustered lighting in the dining room

home interior, Manglam Decor Manglam Decor
Manglam Decor

home interior

Manglam Decor

The cluster of lamps installed in the hexagonal shape on the ceiling shine from above to illuminate the dining room, making it bright and beautiful.  Two wall washers are also fixed on the ceiling to provide mood lighting.

9. Indirect lighting in the dining room

Renovation of the flat , flamingo architects flamingo architects Modern dining room
flamingo architects

Renovation of the flat

flamingo architects

A bit of drama can be brought into the area by playing with the light fixtures. In modern homes with open layouts, where the dining room is also a multi-utility space, it becomes essential to decorate the place well to impress the guests. The simplicity of the small dining room can be enhanced by illuminating the area through indirect lighting. Take a cue from here and fix a spotlight to light up the wall so that it reflects the brightness throughout the rest of the room.

10. Industrial style lighting in the dining room

Residence in Gurugram, Space Interface Space Interface Modern dining room
Space Interface

Residence in Gurugram

Space Interface

Select lamps to harmonise with the décor theme and watch the space turn into a glamorous dining room even during the day. This dining room flaunts its unique appeal with a pair of industrial-style lamps hanging from above.

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