White kitchen cabinets? Try these wall colours

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Just because a kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone doesn’t mean the colour white doesn’t belong in it. On the contrary, white-splashed kitchen cabinetry can lend an aura of cleanliness and classiness like no other colour. And white cabinets show up more and more in modern kitchen designs. Yes, the smallest smudge might become very prominent, but regular wiping and cleaning should be a part of every homeowner’s to-do list by now!

But back to those white cabinets: pretty to look at, sure, but add white walls to the space and you’ve got something that looks much too clinical.

We understand that picking the right colour to make your kitchen look visually pleasing and trendy can be frustrating, so we’ve done the homework for you! 

1. White kitchen cupboards with contrasting colours

Contrasting colours are those that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. What does that mean for your white-cabinet kitchen? It means a unique touch to the room and a pop of background colour, especially in a culinary zone where cabinets tend to take up the majority of the room. 

Modern kitchen designs, apart from flaunting an open-design layout, tend to love white cabinetry paired with other colours for the walls. That’s because modern cabinets flaunt a simple, linear, clean-cut design that becomes more prominent with the inclusion of a bold background colour.

But what about antique cabinets or those with an off-white hue in a large, traditional-style kitchen? Then we recommend going with a darker tint for the walls, like royal purple. And for cabinets in a bright white in a smaller or contemporary-style kitchen, lighter bold colours are the answer: think bright blue or orange that pops. 

2. White kitchen cupboards with coordinating colours

Coordinating colours complement the tints that already present. That means coordinating colours for your kitchen are meant to harmonise with the space’s colour palette. And with clean white cabinets, you have two choices in terms of coordinating colours: 

1. Pick an item in your kitchen to repeat on the walls, or

2. Coordinate with neutral paint colours. 

For highlighting a colour that’s already part of your kitchen, it’s best to go with a unique hue that’s used infrequently in long-term items (i.e. stuff that won’t be replaced anytime soon). These include countertops and backsplashes. For example, if you have a blue backsplash, use that colour (or even a slightly lighter / darker hue) to splash onto the walls. 

3. White kitchen cupboards with neutral walls

Another option which forms part of the ‘coordinating colours’ section is neutral hues, as neutral colours go particularly well with white cabinets. Neutrals are always easy on the eye and never compete for attention, making them ideal for a space where nothing is meant to be jumping out (visually speaking). Some of the more favourite options in terms of neutral colours are grey, light browns, and creamy beiges. 

Grey might sometimes be criticised as being too cold, but that’s just true when the wrong hue was picked. Remember, with the right shade (colder ones are Steel, Anchor, Silver, etc. while warmer greys include Mink, Abalone, Ash… ), grey can work wonders with your white kitchen cabinetry. 

4. White kitchen cupboards with blue walls

Let’s single out some of our favourite colour options for white kitchen cabinets!

First up is blue – a colour that is rarely used in kitchens, as many people are too scared to experiment. When lighter tints are used, blue can conjure up a crisp, clean look that looks smashing with white cabinets (imagine icebergs drifting on the blue ocean). Dark blue walls are actually much easier to work with, as the white cabinets will immediately contrast and serve as the accent pieces in the kitchen. 

Just be sure to use blue sparingly, as it can very quickly overpower a space.

5. White kitchen cupboards with yellow walls

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow. homify Modern kitchen

Like red, yellow is believed to stimulate the appetite. And let’s not forget that the right shade can mimic the sun, ensuring a pleasant ‘good morning’ vibe in your kitchen all day long. 

Yellow is an especially great choice for smaller kitchens, for that sunny shade can help to make the room feel bigger and brighter. And let’s not forget how well warm yellow mixes with crisp white! 

6. White kitchen cupboards with green walls

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Emerald, Fern, Seafoam… there’s a green tint for just about every style and ambience you want to create. The softer greens, like Mint and Apple, pair exquisitely well with white and wood accents. But if you’re more gutsy, try a darker shade such as Forest: it can instantly jolt up your cooking space! 

7. The perfect professionals for any colour kitchen cabinetry

Eclectic Kitchen With Striking Solid Teak Detail Zingana Kitchens and Cabinetry Built-in kitchens
Zingana Kitchens and Cabinetry

Eclectic Kitchen With Striking Solid Teak Detail

Zingana Kitchens and Cabinetry

It doesn’t matter what colour you wish to splash onto your walls or kitchen cabinetry, Zingana Kitchens can help. 

Zingana Kitchens has been upping kitchen designs since 2010. Located in Johannesburg, this team of professionals are reminding South Africa how classy, modern, stylish, and practical the heart of the home can be with their first-rate installations, built-in cupboards, custom-made vanities, bespoke hand-crafted furniture, custom office fittings, and many other services. 

The service of Zingana Kitchens is design-focused, and these experts also evaluate the client’s available space, the individual’s taste, plus their wants and needs before a project is started. ‘Durability’ and ‘practicality’ are keywords present in every project, going hand in hand with visual aesthetics. 

Modern, traditional, contemporary, Scandinavian… any design style is possible for your dream kitchen (regardless of wall- or cabinet colour) thanks to Zingana Kitchens

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