Simple Ways to make Your Home Yard More Private

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Summer is on its way and with it comes enjoyable moments in the sun. After a long day's work, who could refuse an ice cold drink while sitting in the sun during the last few hours of sunlight before the sun sets. Having a space where the outside air and sun can be savoured is something that should be appreciated at all costs. 

Whether the garden or balcony is located in a very urban and crowded area or whether the home is in a quieter location, privacy is a must. It is an aspect not to be neglected because in the end, a private yard makes it more easy to relax, unwind and enjoy the surroundings. There are many ways to create an intimate setting for the yard and balcony, a few simple tricks can solve a lot of problems. The following can help anyone wanting more privacy for their terrace and garden in order to get it ready for the new season to come.

The perfect setup

The image presented here has everything an ideal private garden should contain. The ultimate privacy can be found here and for precise reasons. The first one being that a wooden fencing has been placed at the edges of the property's limits. It is a type of fencing that is ideal for climbing plants to grow on as seen in this image. When vines go up this kind of fencing the private setting is complete since no one will be able to see through it.

The second one is the overheard stretched out cover for the terrace. In a more rural area this might serve as a shield for the sun and the rain. In a more urban area it filters the rays of the sun but it also shuts out nosy neighbours and closes off the covered area from the rest of the world.


One very insightful idea is to simply install drapes. Drapes can be found in any shape, size, colour, pattern type and at any price range. When the garden or terrace area has been built with a ceiling or a cover placed above the desired location, it is a very easy operation to install drapes and their railings all around for a more private terrace. If that is not the case, the drapes can be hung on a rope that is attached to either the sides of the balcony or to the house. Otherwise using poles or a small gazebo will do the trick just as well. Being drapes in privacy never sounded better. This design has been made possible byMas Natural Design.

A wall of green

If the yard has a hedge growing all around it, there is a way to make it higher and less easy to see through. Planting plants at the feet of the hedge will solve any problem and area devoid of leafs: if some spaces of the hedge look thinner or have a hole, a good way to block it off is by planting bushy and leafy plants at the bottom of the hedge.

Then comes the planting of vines, the advantage of this type of plant is that it grows along walls and fences and everywhere! This means that, over time, a vine can spread out and grow to high reaches. Installing a grilling or fencing above the hedge will encourage the vines grow even higher. Climbing plants grab on to whatever they can and make a wonderful private and greener space.

Retractable cover

What is shown in the current image is an all-in-one kind of privacy maker. This sort of installation can serve many purposes as well as being a colourful addition to the garden or balcony. As shown here, a retractable and mechanised terrace cover has been installed for its many advantages. The first being to cover the terrace from the heat and the sun. The second one is to shield the garden from the wind and the rain for people to enjoy some fresh air even when the temperature outside could be better. Finally, one the most important features is the privacy this cover procures because it can slide down to the desired height to create an intimate atmosphere in the garden or the terrace. This kind of installation is ideal for city life where there is almost always the windows or balconies of the neighbors nearby. For more ideas like this one, here are ways for using technologies for the outdoors.

Movable privacy

Another inventive way to create a private yard is add a sheltered seating option. The current image is an example of the various types of giant chairs that are shielded. This can be a great spot to spend a few hours reading a book in the shade procured by this chair. These types of seating options come in a variety of sizes that are sold in the shape of a triangle like a tent or in the shape of a cube as well as in a egg shape as seen in the picture here. The advantage of a shielded chair such as this one it that it is moveable and it can be placed in any desired spot of the yard or the balcony. Some are even designed as swings that can be hung in the garden. Having a chair such as this one can be a peaceful private escape.

Bamboo to the rescue

Last but not least is one of the best ways to include greenery in the garden. Having high rising trees, plants and climbing vines will be a guaranteed way to make the terrace more intimate. However, it might take a few years before the plants have reached maturity and grown high enough to fence off the yard. 

In order to create a private yard or balcony, the ideal tree to use is the bamboo. This type of tree grows quite fast and its lush and bushy foliage will shield the the garden from the outside world, therefore creating a private outdoor space. Bamboos are also not as expensive as other types of trees. Growing bamboos can be done in a short period of time as well as being a great way to make some shade around the area where they are placed.

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