Stylish interior design features from a Pune home

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Designing the interiors of your home is something that should be considered carefully since you will be living with it for a long time. Further, if you keep in mind that you will be inviting people into your home, you need it to reflect your tastes and preferences. The stylish and urbane design in this home has been executed by the interior designers and decorators of Spaces Alive in Pune. Every tiny aspect of design and comfort has been considered to put together a home that is complete in every aspect.

Amazing entrance

Here, we see a stylish and straightforward way of designing a small and narrow space. The entrance to the house is equipped with smart storage for footwear that is masked by other design elements. A small seating area makes this place functional and comfortable.

Gorgeous seating

This is a modest design for a minimalist living room. However, what elevates its look to a completely different level is the use of a sophisticated colour combined with a wood cornice. The chandelier adds magic to the entire space as it infuses warmth in this room. Cushions in a contrasting colour make this design complete.

Mirror magic

Nothing beautifies a space like a mirror. Here is an excellent example of using a large mirror without making it look monotonous or boring. A pattern within the mirror adds interest and the modern design for the console table is perfect for this space.

Use of Textures

When it comes to wardrobes, the most used texture or element is wood. To keep things dramatic and unique, the designers have used a fabric coating. It gives an unusual look for the wardrobes but adds a beautiful effect overall.

Sophisticated bedroom

This modern bedroom is an elegant space as the colours, textures and patterns have been balanced exceptionally well. The rustic lamps hanging from the ceiling give this room a fantastic and modern appeal. Similarly, the subtle effect of the texture on the wall behind the headboard is beautiful. 

Wood floors

One of the best ways to make an impact on the interiors is to use wood floors. The flooring here is charming, attractive and rustic. It gives an earthy feel to the room and balances everything magnificently. The drapes stretch from the floor to the ceiling, adding height and depth to the room. The large patio doors create the perfect setting for the room as you can gaze outside to enjoy the views.

Fun colours

One of the coolest things about designing a child’s room is the freedom to play around with the colours. The contrast of the blue with the red gives off “spiderman” vibes, and it sure is a fun place for any child to live.

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