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Smart modular kitchen design for a modern home in Mumbai

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Mr. Kuldip Kaura (Senior Director of Everstone), Shares his experience with Küche7 –Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen. Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel
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Mumbai is a city that is known for compact yet intelligent homes. The house we are about to tour today is one such example. You can see in this home that the kitchen has been planned very effectively by using modern appliances and smart designs. The kitchen design has been conceived by the kitchen planners at Kuche7. The thing that impresses you the most is the infusion of colour and texture into the modern kitchen. It helps to create a fluid and consistent design for the room. What is also wonderful is the smart use of modern lighting, which keeps this kitchen bright and lovely.

Parallel counters

Modular Kitchen Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Modular Kitchen


The modern kitchen is beautiful by any standards, and it’s functional too as it features extended counters that stretch parallelly from one end of the room to the other. The black granite acts as the perfect contrast to the lime green and white cabinets.

Clutter-free look

Stainless Steel Kitchen Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Stainless Steel Kitchen


One of the first things that get your attention in the kitchen is its clean lines. Handles have been avoided for cabinets and the drawers, which gives the kitchen a simple yet stylish look. You will be surprised by how spacious a room can look with a simple design choice such as this. The mustard colour for the drawers below the counter is perfect as it keeps the look modern and contemporary.

Smart designs

Steel Cabinets Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Steel Cabinets


Using the architecture of the home, the designers have put together smart storage shelves and nooks. For instance, the area near the entrance works as a coffee counter or a snack area where you can store quick-eats.

Modular cabinets

Modular Cabinets Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Modular Cabinets


The cabinets have been designed so that everything you need can be stored to keep the area neat. A look at the rest of the kitchen shows you how stainless steel accents have been used to make the space functional, stylish and contemporary.

Stainless-steel cabinets

Stainless Steel Cabinets Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Stainless Steel Cabinets


The designers have picked stainless-steel as the prominent material as it works with the overall theme. Apart from this, you will find that stainless-steel is more durable than any other material for the kitchen. It is easy to maintain as all you need to do is to wipe it down whenever you feel the need.

Value for money

Lifetime Value Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Lifetime Value


The reason why many homeowners prefer to choose stainless-steel for modular kitchen cabinets is that they offer excellent value for money. Additionally, the kitchen will be built to last for years, which makes it worthwhile to invest in the material.   

Wonderful textures

Steel Kitchen Küche7 Kitchen units Iron/Steel

Steel Kitchen


Using frosted doors for some of the cabinets is an elegant way of preventing heaviness in the design, since looking at just shutters and solid cabinet doors can be tedious. Adding modern glass doors is an easy way to change that. The texture on the background wall also helps in creating a unique look. The best fixtures and appliances have been installed in the kitchen, but the design has been kept simple and minimalist.  

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