6 Heart warming water fountains to complete your home!

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Renovation of garden & landscaping Anna Interiors Garden Plants & flowers
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Water is a lovely addition to your home decor. There are many ways of incorporating a water feature both indoors and outdoors. Apart from adding a beautiful feature to the aesthetics, water is known to bring about a calming and positive energy in its surroundings. Whether it's just the visual or the sound of water flowing, incorporating this element is a great way to add that touch of nature in your home decor. Interestingly, flowing water has a great significance in Japanese landscaping philosophy too. It symbolises the continuous flow of energy or the continuity of the circle of life.

It's not that difficult to add some stunning water features in any home. Take inspiration from some of these fountains/ water features; big and small that can do wonders to your home.

Circular water fountain

Renovation of garden & landscaping Anna Interiors Garden Plants & flowers
Anna Interiors

Renovation of garden & landscaping

Anna Interiors

Water fountains are an integral part of Indian culture. From the grand palaces to the simple homes, every Indian home incorporates a water body in one form or the other. Circular water fountains are the most grand form of water fountains that one can have at home. The only constraint that circular water fountains have is, the space around them that is required to form a small catchment area for the water splash. If space permits like in this home, they are a wonderful element that can bring an instant wow factor into your home garden. 

A tabletop fountain

Tetsu bachi granite bowl water feature Lush Garden Design Garden Accessories & decoration
Lush Garden Design

Tetsu bachi granite bowl water feature

Lush Garden Design

A small stone open pot, few bamboos and some water; that's all that is needed to create this cool tabletop fountain. Simplistic design using all natural elements in the most rustic way and you have your very own fountain right at the table. Use it indoors or outdoors and customize the size as per the space available. the gentle sound of the flowing water is bound to relax the most hurried mind. 

A mini water garden

Pond in a Pot Kit with White Fibreglass Planter Primrose Garden Accessories & decoration

Pond in a Pot Kit with White Fibreglass Planter


Mini water garden can be a beautiful oasis indoors or outdoors. Choose the right plant and flower varieties and create a water garden that is both stunning and mobile at the same time. That's right, mini water garden can be moved easily from one place to another depending on how big or small the pot is. Smaller ones can even be placed on your dining table or the centre table in the living room. Ensure optimal sunlight, fresh air and timely pruning for a garden that's beautiful all year round.

A moulded, nature inspired fountain

Blue Flower Fountain homify Classic style garden

Blue Flower Fountain


A water fountain moulded in the shape of water waves! This stunning piece of art can be a show-stopper in any garden. Constructed in glass, this Blue Flower Fountain can instantly add a touch of glamour and art to its surroundings. Add to this, some lights and you have a beautiful view in the dark too. This bespoke creation features 48 petals/ curves in all spanning one metre in length. It is a classic design but with a modern twist; perfect to make a style statement.

Indoor pond

When you have the luxury of space, an indoor water pool can be a useful addition in the backyard or your porch. Instead of a fountain that just adds to the visual appeal, an indoor pool can be used for swimming or just lazing around in the water in those long summer days. Even a tiny baby pool is enough to just dip your feet in the cool waters and relax after a stressful and tiring day. 

Don't know if you could create a pond in your garden? Then have a look at this ideabook for some insights.

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a villa, water features can be added in any measure and size to your home. It is amazing how simple some ideas can be. A little bit of DIY and some imagination can help create your very own customized water features. So go ahead and fuse this natural element with others or without even, and feel the positive vibes created in your surroundings.

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