Inspiring Ideas for Living Room Furniture

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Residential Bungalow in Garden City, Ankleshwar Pranay Shah Designs Modern living room
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Crafting a beautifully designed living room that provides comfort during a family gathering and is suited for entertaining friends and acquaintances is an easy enough task with the help of a professional interior designer. As the living room is the main area that sets the tone for the décor in the rest of the house, it needs to be planned carefully. It’s also one of the best places to showcase your sense of aesthetics and design by trying out different colours, patterns and varied furniture designs and layouts.

Living rooms should be comfortable, inviting, and stylish, so if you are a design enthusiast, then it is the ideal place to put ideas to test, whether it’s opting for traditional art or going bold with industrial style metal furniture. If you’re looking for ideas to update the living room you’ve probably been browsing through thousands of designs that have left you confused. So here are some charming ideas that you can mix and match to suit your design style to leave your living room looking fresh for years to come.  

1. Luxurious sofa

site at worli (mumbai) Mybeautifulife Modern living room

site at worli (mumbai)


Who doesn’t like a luxurious lounge? Most lavish living room decoration ideas include either plush furniture or shining lighting that reflects against brightly coloured walls. We love the opulently deep sofa in this image, which is paired with jewel-toned cushions, a gleaming glass table and metal chairs that make the room look like it belongs in the lobby of a hotel.  

2. Abstract patterns

Soft brown tones and crisp white surroundings bounce light around this modern living room. The mix of light and abstract furnishings also helps to keep the place looking bright and airy. If you like greenery in a spacious area like this, you could consider buying maintenance-free artificial ones instead of living plants.  

3. Make a big impression

Select comfortable and eyecatching furniture and accessories to create an impact in an expansive and airy room with high ceilings, as seen in this sedate living room, which is a perfect mix of old and new. Achieve a similar look with a beautiful handmade carpet which adds character to the atmosphere.  

4. Minimalist aura

In general, the minimalist style is an exercise in restraint, where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. It requires you to keep furniture to a bare minimum, so you are left with a few essential objects that deliver maximum impact. Instead of being dull and boring, this style is functional, sparse and reduces clutter.  

5. Bohemian charm

making your living room look and feel more luxurious Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern living room
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio

making your living room look and feel more luxurious

Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio

Boho chic is back in vogue with a vengeance, and this fun, eclectic look will make you relax every time you step into the room. The combination of soft textures, fancy rugs, chunky chandelier and a soothing colour palette makes this room a fabulous example of the style, and don’t forget a single chair, which is a must for any bohemian living room.  

6. Classic White

High ceiling with large french windows, white walls, soft grey upholstery and pale wooden furniture create a relaxed and welcoming look in this living room. The colourful centrepiece of flowers, mix-and-match collection of patterned cushions, glass chandelier and lacy curtains add a touch of mysticism to the classic style.  

7. Floral touch

Residential Project 1 Varija Home Classic style living room
Varija Home

Residential Project 1

Varija Home

If you are a fan of bright floral shades, then colourful living room decor should be your first choice. Instead of just focusing on soft pastel hues, you can select a combination of dark, moody floral tones like these, which will make your living room look fresh for every season.  

8. Warm and woody

Everyone loves a cosy living room where families can sit to chat for hours. Beige walls teamed with upcycled furniture and a dark vintage settee give this living room an intimate feel. Wooden artwork works well here for a feature wall. The design can be replicated by a skilled carpenter.  

9. Rustic Charm

Interior design of old flat by Flamingo Architects flamingo architects Rustic style living room
flamingo architects

Interior design of old flat by Flamingo Architects

flamingo architects

Country style living rooms are designed to be havens to help the family escape from the world outside. Charming and comfortable, they are reminiscent of a traditional home filled with handwoven fabrics and embroidered cushion covers. We love this country style living room, which brings the nostalgia of visits to the countryside.  

10. Traditional furniture

For a truly royal look, chesterfield sofas in deep violet tones are loved by many, and it’s perfect for the living room. Several brands are creating furniture that is reminiscent of this iconic style to give glamour and opulence to the living room. Usually, solid colours, Turkish carpets and massive decorative chandeliers complete the look, but here decorative lights work just as well.

If you found these ideas useful for redesigning your living room, find more inspiration to decorate small living rooms.  

Which of these ideas suit your design style? Comment below to let us know.

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