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10 Stylish shelf designs for your home

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The main purpose of shelf creation in cupboards and cabinets is to organize articles in a neat manner. Just like other pieces of furniture, even shelves are made in different styles and shapes by designers to look classic and elegant that enables maximum utilization of space. So, if you are looking for a shelf design to suit your needs, we at Homify are sure that you can meet them.

We have created this idea book of 10 designer shelves in displaying different styles that can be used to suit everyone’s requirement at home. 

An eclectic symbol

Mexican professionals Mariangel Coghlan have mixed several eclectic styles to make this shelf design which is a convergence of more than one pattern. By harmonizing Eastern colors and Western forms, the designers have created a unique shelf design that does not have any comparison. Wood is the main raw material in this design made up of multiple modules that are completely immersed in each other.

Minimalistic attitude

Mexican franchise group Dellekamp Architects created this design with minimalist style and form which is structured into four modules. All the four modules are slightly different in size and combine together to make a multipurpose piece of furniture which can store various objects. It’s simple and the symmetrical design allows owners to easily match it with other furniture in the room.

Totally modern

These small shelf exude modern style with clean lines and simple design made entirely out of wood. Designed by Mexican firm Design Amm, the wooden shelves have been left bare and natural with just a touch of varnish on it. Its shape is accentuated by the straight vertical lines while the warm, natural color of wood gives it a sophisticated touch.

Industrial style

Bare structures are the signature style of industrial design and this is visible in this shelf design. While its base is made up of small iron pipe pieces stuck in the wall, the body is balanced by smooth wooden pallets which together create a naturalistic style shelf.

Simplistic scandinavian style

Also referred to as Nordic style, this shelf designed by Mootic Design Store is made up of three features namely comfort, functionality and simplicity. Designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room this shelf focuses on the use of bright colors to appeal.

Colonial elegance and modern design

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that is elegant and modern yet has a contemporary edge, then this shelf is for you. Designed by Coepa who have a distinct natural style, these shelves are painted with a neutral coat to contrast with the woven baskets kept on the shelves to store important objects that have been sorted out.

You cannot ignore the classical

The versatility of wood makes it hard to imagine that people use other materials besides wood to make shelves for homes. According to designer Etienne Bios who has created this masterpiece, the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they see this shelf is strength while the design itself is simple and original. The designer has created this piece to reflect the style and taste of the prospective owner who purchases this shelf.

Visual trip to the Mediterranean

Franchise Concepts by Catherine have designed this beautiful rack inspired by nature. The base structure of this unusual shelf design has been made out of tree trunks while the platforms wedged between them hold large ornamental details. The shelf is non destroyable by artificial colors or dyes or any excesses in the main tree bark.

Essence of the tropics

This massive rack that covers a full wall was conceived and designed by an Italian firm Lcarchietti. In this shelf design, an exquisite balance has been struck by the use of embellishments and colors.  Harmony has been maintained in this shelf and you can see that in the color tones that have been cleverly blended together in the wood.

Rustic histories

This shelf selected as the last one in our list is a worthy representative of eclectic styles. This witty style and simple design made by the Ein Mamell team is fashioned out of an old painter staircase. Clean, polished wooden planks of three different sizes have been inserted between the steps to make this neat shelf that can be placed anywhere in the house.  

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