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Designing with colours and patterns requires an eye for detail, which is why kitchen backsplashes have to be planned by keeping in mind the overall ambience and atmosphere one wants to create. The smartly designed backsplash can add pop to a neutral kitchen or tone down bright kitchen walls.

Whether your kitchen is modern, rustic or traditional, these backsplash design ideas can add glamour and gloss to any kitchen. These days there are various options for kitchen backsplashes such as natural stone, polished plaster, laminate, glass and even steel besides the usual ceramic and porcelain tiles. Here are pictures of some beautiful backsplashes in kitchens designed by professionals. They add to the charm and beauty of the room.  

1. Mediterranean touch

the blue kitchen ZERO9 Modern kitchen Building,Shelf,Lighting,Automotive design,Interior design,Fixture,Architecture,Floor,Flooring,Line

the blue kitchen


The earthy beauty of blue and white tiles is timeless, and these designs are sure to light up your kitchen. The subtle blue patterns on white can be applied to any neutral kitchen as seen here to bring colour and vitality to the area.  

2. Rustic touch of bricks

Brick works well here and generates a unique feel when used in this manner, and it is a low-cost option. With the help of drop-down lamps as decoration, one can create a bit of rustic style in the kitchen. The open wooden cupboards enhance the look.

3. Natural stone tiles

Back-splashes made of natural stone like slate and travertine have an earthy look, which can be glossed over with polish to make them stylish, like in this attractive backsplash. Its patterns and lines will be a unique element in your kitchen. Stone tiles like these add a touch of rustic charm to a modern kitchen and create a space of unparalleled beauty.  

4. Customized glass backsplash

Modular Kitchen with Customized Backsplash Color Glass Enrich Interiors & Decors Kitchen units kitchen cabinet,modular kitchen,Backsplash
Enrich Interiors & Decors

Modular Kitchen with Customized Backsplash Color Glass

Enrich Interiors & Decors

Glass back-splashes offer several design options like here the red strawberries bring a pop of colour between the black granite base and white cupboards. Kitchen planners usually install tempered glass that is around 3 inches thick as it can take a fair amount of heat and is scratch-resistant. Glass is available in both gloss and matte finishes and offers the option of personalising by custom painting it or sticking a poster or wallpaper behind it.  

5. Mosaic stone backsplash

Modular Kitchen - Baner DECOR DREAMS Modern kitchen modular kitchen,contemparary

Modular Kitchen—Baner


Glass mosaics bring dazzle and glow to the kitchen as they are better polished than natural stone, thereby adding a luxurious vibe. The blue and white combination here with neutral cabinets make an artistic statement, while lights below the cabinets bring in iridescence to make it eye-catching. These tiles are in demand now due to their unique appearance and as an alternative to traditional tiles.  

6. Ceramic tiles

3BHK, Nyati Ambiance, Undri, , Design Evolution Lab Design Evolution Lab Modern kitchen
Design Evolution Lab

3BHK, Nyati Ambiance, Undri,

Design Evolution Lab

Available in several shapes, colours and designs, these tiles are valued for their sturdiness and versatility. Other advantages of ceramic tile back-splashes are their ability to add visual appeal and personality to the kitchen environment, giving the homeowner the chance to experiment with attractive designs, patterns and colours. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintenance-free, which makes them appealing to everyone.  

7. Granite backsplash

actual view before finishing shabin granite top,hood and hobe,breakfast counter,modular kitchen,white painted door,teakwood finish door

actual view before finishing


Granite is a natural stone that is ideally used for counters in both kitchens and bathrooms as it can resist heat and abrasions. It has a natural shine, does not stain easily and is also low on maintenance. Its smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze, so for traditional kitchens, you can select granite of different hues, and for contemporary styled ones, matte or textured finishes are a more elegant option than ordinary tiles.  

8. Laminated backsplash

A laminated back-splash is a fantastic option when the budget is a concern. Modern printing has made laminates closely resemble expensive back-splashes like wood and tiles. Here the attractive prints bring a whimsical feel, creating the ambience of homely kitchens of olden times when joint families used to cook meals together.

Changing back-splashes is a reasonably inexpensive way of giving your kitchen a new look. Alternatively, you can consider changing the stove design to refresh the look of your kitchen. Here is an idea-book on kitchen stoves to help make up your mind. 

Which of these kitchen back-splashes inspired you the most? Do let us know in the comments.

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