10 modern room designs to inspire you

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Keeping up with the times is sought after in every aspect of one’s life, and the same is true of matters on the home front. From the initial conceptualisation of your home to a simple makeover of one of the rooms, implementing a change is as simple as donning a creative hat! Simple tweaks such as changing the paint of the room or perhaps the decor can make a remarkable impact on the overall look of your home. For all aspects about the modernisation of your home, here's a listicle featuring design ideas from projects by the professionals at homify!  

1. The purple haze living room

When it comes to modern decor, there is no limit to the extent that you can adopt it. Colour is an easy way to achieve it, and this living room makes use of subtle purple hints against a white background. A fluffy carpet for the furniture to rest makes for the perfect finish.  

2. A bedroom in the attic

For a cosy retreat away from the inmates of your home, you can turn the space in your attic into a bedroom. An interesting design to mimic is one with rustic decor to elevate the look! Simple hanging lamps with complementary greenery should do the trick.  

3. A minimalist modern-day living room

Large rooms often come with wide spaces that are difficult to utilise effectively. A suspended seating arrangement, such as the one displayed in the image, does more than serve the primary purpose. It also works as a means of dividing the space in the living room. Chandeliers, greenery and a dash of Feng Shui can bring together the overall look!  

4. The living room and dining room combined

Another way to design your home is to have the living room and dining room share the same space. It is especially useful where there is no proper demarcation of the rooms in the house. A glossy natural stone-like tile finish on the floor with colourful modern decor would be a simple yet stylish way to upgrade the look of the space.  

5. Room separators for the entrance of the home

One way to maintain the privacy of your home is to make use of room separators. A wall such as the one seen in the image fits the description all too perfectly. A textured wall with pebbles at the bottom and perhaps a faux ceiling with lighting completes the picture!  

6. Rustic design for your home

Single-walled kitchens are becoming, and this design demonstrates it beautifully! It is particularly true of studio apartments and the like where space is a constraint. To keep up with the theme, rustic suspended lights, textured flooring and suede furniture should be your go-to choice.  

7. A lively study for your home

The study or perhaps the library of your home doesn't necessarily have to conform to the regular norms. You can liven up the space with pops of colour which can come from décor accessories, paint and furniture. Add a splash of brightness to the area with bean bags, colour laden shelves or murals on the walls.  

8. How about a trendy bar for the living room?

To up the ante on style in the living room, an in-house bar is seldom a bad idea! Dimmed lights, high rise stools, and textured marble flooring recreate the experience of wining and dining at trendy eateries and pubs.  

9. Modern day decor for the living room

Less really is more and this has been proven all too effectively with minimalist designs. The choice of the colours in the room makes the difference with subtleties that overpower all else. This living room area takes on the complementary tones of grey and yellow. The combination works with the decor, paint and the furniture making it picture perfect!  

10. A modern day sitting area

A feeling of luxury can often make its way to the fore via the choice of decor and colours for the room. This room takes on a chandelier, a layered false ceiling and grilled glass separators. When teamed up with a grey stone TV wall and white furniture, the sitting area exudes a charm like none other.  

Which modern room design did you like the best? Leave us a comment!

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