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10 splendid sofas for an Indian home with chaise longue

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A living room is the most versatile part of our house so it is imperative that we decorate it in the best possible way. But when it comes to selecting furniture, we have to keep several things in mind like the budget, the area it is likely to occupy and the atmosphere we want to create in the living room. Most of us look for living room furniture that can make the place cozy, comfortable and perfect for spending quality time together either watching movies or idle chit chatting with cousins and family.

Besides comfortable armchairs and a center table that can be used for keeping artifacts or snacks, a couple of small side tables for holding lamps would be the ideal furniture for a living room. If you replace the traditional sofa with a wide chaise lounge, it will enhance the comfort quotient of your living room manifolds.

If you are looking for an excuse to purchase a chaise lounge, then we shall give you an awesome list of ten to choose from.

A minimalist attitude

Mexican franchise Dellekamp architects have created this beautiful piece of furniture with simple and minimalist style in every detail of it. The sofa’s structure is spread across four modules that differ slightly in size and detail to work as a multipurpose piece of furniture. It's symmetrical design allows easy assimilation with other furniture around the room.

Comfortable like a queen

Most of us at some point in our lives have sat on the most comfortable chairs or slept in soft comfortable beds that put us to sleep in minutes. This elegant chaise lounge designed by Pure Design is ideal for taking a quick snooze or relaxing over a long evening chat. Its design has been created to offer a wide comfort zone to users who can lounge around in different sections of the chaise and then relax in the space that they like the best.


Though the term “chaise lounge” refers to a certain furniture structure, these have adapted to different styles depending on the whims and fancies of designers and architects. Though the basic form of chaise lounge has remained intact, it has been given this beautiful makeover by Habitat Workshop Architects. They have made a stylish combination of materials and colors to design this elegant piece of furniture which will look attractive and new irrespective of the material used for upholstering it.

More space

This cozy chaise lounge in suede designed by Softline Decor has been crafted to provide maximum comfort. It has been cleverly designed to give more functionality to traditional armchair structure without expanding its size. This design gives you ample space to sit comfortably and also rest your legs or snuggle up with your partner.


The best advantage of chaise lounge sofas is that they can be adjusted anywhere along the wall in a living room to improve its layout. This artistic design by Softline Décor is a perfectly structured piece which can be used as the sole piece of furniture in the room that will leave enough space to keep tables or other small armchairs in the opposite direction. Keep it close to the wall to have ample space in the room or use it as a divider between the living room and the rest of the house.


This L shaped chaise lounge sofa adds charisma and elegance to the living room due to its large yet simple design. It reminds onlookers about “The Chair” created by Herman Miller of Mexico who defines the space of a room without a bulky body.


You can use the chaise lounge in the living room as the only piece of furniture in that area to ensure that it always stays occupied. This large sofa created by Genesis Décor adds to the functionality of a room and offers a very comfortable sleeping and relaxing zone. 


Chaise lounges are elegant in general and different from traditional sofas and are ideal for people who like to maintain minimalist décor. This basic chaise design by MM Interior Studio gives the living room a unique and modern look. With care, one can also place tiny coffee tables to jazz it up.

Showy sofas

These sofas appear showy due to their large size which can be used to make a luxury living room. Workshop Concept Architecture has created this elaborate chaise lounge with delicate textiles and vivid natural colors to give a unique ambience to the living room.


If you want to have a combination of varied styles and elements in your living room, a chaise lounge is the best option as it can fulfill all your wishes with a single piece of furniture. Choose any of these given designs to make your living room the favorite place in the house.

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