9 artistic décor tips to give your home a monsoon makeover

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The monsoon season brings much-needed relief from the blazing sun with the cool showers bringing soothing breeze and greenery all around. All one wants to do during this season is to sit on a covered balcony or verandah and sip warm cups of tea or coffee with hot snacks, while watching the rain splattering against the glass.

While poets romanticise about monsoons, we all know the problems it brings of dirty shoes, muddy footprints and musty smells around the house. Staying cooped up inside the house while grey skies shower water on to the roof can make you feel bored so why not use this time to get creative and enhance the aesthetics of your home to give it a seasonal vibe with beautiful plants, vibrant decor, and fragrant candles.  

1. Lush beauties

With plenty of water all around this is the best time to show off your green thumb. Utilise artistically designed perfume bottles and vases to decorate your balcony, terrace, window sills, verandah awning and other open to sky areas. Fill them up with lotus, lilies, hibiscus and jasmine plants. Place them across the house wherever you want their natural fragrance to overpower musty smells of the monsoon.  

2. Whimsical windchimes

Gently tinkling wind chimes are a pleasant accompaniment to the cool breezes of monsoon. Hang them on the window sill next to plants or string them along the balcony roof like this. Bamboo wind chimes are ideal for the balcony while chimes made of aluminium or other metal are best for windows or open verandas in the front and rear of the house. You can also make wind chimes as a fun DIY project with other family members, using decorative ropes, beads and bells.

3. Umbrella stand

Every rainy season brings colourful umbrellas out, but they can also leave trails of water near the front door or across the house when people enter with dripping umbrellas. While a wicker or bamboo basket or large vase at the front door can serve as a stand to stash umbrellas and also contain water, you can try something non-traditional like this stylish wooden rack with steel ribs to hold umbrellas in position. The hooks on top can be used for hanging dripping raincoats too.  

4. Peppy monsoon colours

When the skies are grey or vibrant purple with flashes of silvery thunder, the indoors also tend to look gloomy if the furnishings are dark or deep-toned. You can brighten up the interiors with colourful cushions and armrests on the sofas and chairs. Replace dark-toned sofa backs and covers with bright shades of citrus, red, blue and pink. To give your interiors a fresh vibe, change the colour of your furnishings to bring a welcome difference in the environment, without spending too much.  

5. Fragrant candles

Lightly scented candles wafting their sweet aroma can magically improve the despondent mood, which affects you when you are housebound by rain. Place decorative scented candles on stylish stands to brighten up the dinner table or in dark corridors that don't get sufficient sunshine to create a warm and cosy environment inside the home. They will banish the mouldy smell of the rain and wet clothes.  

6. Change the window dressing

The changing season is the best time to refresh the furnishings and decor of the house. Remove the heavy curtains that were more suited for summer to keep out the sunlight and replace them with sheer fabrics. Velvet, jacquards and heavy cotton tend to soak up moisture and make the house feel heavy and musty, but lace curtains allow sunlight to stream in and keep your house cheerful and airy. The light fabric makes these large french windows smart and gives an eclectic vibe to the bedroom.  

7. Keep the dirt outside

During monsoon make it a point to leave a heavy-duty doormat at your front door to protect against both water and mud so everyone can wipe their shoes before they enter your home. Get doormats made from jute, coir or recycled rubber with colourful prints to add a welcoming touch to your entryway. Remember that the doormat is the ideal way to keep dirt, mud and germs out of your door and protect the floor inside the house.  

8. Garden furniture

Want to soak in the charm of raindrops and the earthy scent of freshly bathed plants and grass from the comfort of your terrace or balcony? Then, redecorate outdoor spaces with hanging pots, chimes and creepers like this. You can cover the area with makeshift cloth canopies, bamboo awnings and umbrellas to create cosy spaces. Invest in furniture pieces like a hanging chair, bamboo furniture or plastic furniture to soak in the refreshing atmosphere.  

9. Declutter your home

During the rainy season, upholstered and leather furniture pressed against each other or to the corner walls can absorb moisture due to lack of sunlight. It could lead to an accumulation of fungi and bacteria on the walls and the furniture surface. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep your heavy furniture exposed to sunlight by placing them close to doors and windows, keeping an eye to ensure that it stays away from the walls.

For more fun, refresh your home every season, starting with these autumn decoration ideas.  

Which of these monsoon decor ideas will you try? Let us know in the comments.

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