Dramatic and Stylish Apartment Interior Design in Pune

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An open-plan home is charming, unique and can be quite spectacular too. Ground 11 architects in Pune have designed a home that is quite different from the typical Indian apartment. You can see that openness is a common theme throughout this lovely home. Using a minimalist theme and focusing on the basic elements, the architects have managed to create this stunning apartment. Lighting has also played an enormous role in conveying the design and the overall style quotient of this space.  

Elegant dining space

One of the most beautiful spaces in a home has to be the dining area. It is where you will find the entire family and friends gathering. So, a stylish room that glorifies the available space will be well-appreciated. This dining room features an eight-seater dining table that is modern and charming.

Brilliant views

Nothing relaxes you more than being at home and watching fabulous views of the surroundings. The balcony has been sufficiently enclosed to protect the residents, but the chairs, the setting, and large glass windows give the area a resort-like feel. Modest lighting choices keep this place looking exceptional.

Elegant wardrobes

Wardrobe designs can be quite personal, depending on the kind of storage one requires. This modern and stylish space has been designed to reflect the contemporary tastes of the owners. The addition of mirrors to the doors has given the room a superior look while making it look appealing and visually larger than it is. 

Open kitchen

This room almost resembles a restaurant-style kitchen. The large counter has been left open to view, but the clean lines and spectacular design have given it an urbane and classy look. The built-in appliances have been included in the design to make the space functional and practical. The overall look is industrial and stylish. 

Designer counters

The countertop is exceptional. The marble finish and the clutter-free look are perfect as they effortlessly depict the modern design style. By keeping the colours neutral and subtle, the architects have chosen to bring understated elegance to the room. The ceiling is subtle and yet attractive. The lights are unusual but seem unique and effective in complementing the overall look of the room. 

Unique accents

One of the best things about such a minimalist design is the choice of accents. By keeping spaces open and relaxed, the architects have been able to choose accents that work well in creating an impression. For instance, the room divider may be modest, but it has a dramatic effect. Similarly, instead of using the regular walls, the architects have used a marble effect for the walls. The console table against the wall increases the style quotient of this area.

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