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Here is how you can magically transform your basement!

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Quite often, the basement of any house lies neglected or is primarily utilized for storage of stuff no longer in use. It is perceived as unsuitable for comfy inhabitation and is considered a bit drab. But here we will explore how you can make the most out of your basement, and incorporate it into the mainstream of your life!

A basement can be effectively used as a game room, media room, an extra living space or even a bedroom when designed with care. If you feel that the basement will not be as aesthetically and functionally appealing like the rooms upstairs, it’s time to think again. Usually, a basement is connected via stairs to the first floor family room or kitchen in most houses. So the exterior can be improved using retaining walls along the outside of the basement walls. These walls are usually composed of bricks or stones. However, most basements are short on light, but with the right amount of lighting provision, this space can be used for work, play or catching up with friends and family. The options are plenty. And if you think you need more space for your needs, then the basement room will have to be expanded.

Paint the walls

While painting the basement bedroom, it should be ensured that not more than two colours are used in order to keep the colour palette simple. These two colours should be predominant in the room. In order to give the room a warm appeal, it will be good if cream or yellow is used. If there is no natural light streaming into the room, then such hues would create a warm welcoming appearance instead. The backdrop for the room should be kept as neutral as possible. When colouring a space it is also important to know how the space is going to be used. Warm colours should be used for an energetic, friendly and welcoming space. As yellow is a visible colour, it draws attentions and is especially suited for a basement which experiences minimal natural light. It is also a calm and subtle colour. Other preferable tones are creamy white, cool gray, blue gray and purple gray.

Renovate the walls and floor

For unfinished basements, it is important to renovate the walls and floor considering the dampness that is common in basement rooms. No matter which place the house is located, there is a good chance that the basement is slightly damp. Due to this reason, people generally don’t prefer using hardwood flooring for basements. The moisture can cause it to expand and it can get deformed easily. Laminates and vinyl flooring are good options you can consider. A drywall finish with decorative ceiling beams will be appropriate for a basement. Wall to wall carpets can also be used to enhance the basement’s look and feel especially if it is going to double up as a bedroom.

Pay attention to moisture insulation

The important requirement in a basement room is getting the insulation right. If the room is not insulated in a proper manner, it can drive away people both in winters and summers. Basements generally come with bare concrete walls. Even if it costs a little more, it has to be insulated well. Adding wooden panels is good as it is a good insulator and can keep the room warm and cosy during winter. Insulation can also keep the noise levels in the basement down to a minimum. Check out how this expansive basement has been transformed into a stunning pool by Wilkinson Beven Design, interior designers and decorators from United Kingdom.

Expand the room with new windows

It is good to have windows in the basement for fire escape purposes as fires are common in basements. Larger windows are naturally better. However, there are building codes to adhere to while considering windows for basements. Regulations do not allow a basement bedroom without an egress window in case of fire. Windows in the basements can get rid of the dark and dank atmosphere too. The sensory difference in the room will also be noticeable once you add windows, as there will be no typical musty smell. Light is also a critical element in the basement. And windows will let in ample natural light besides artificial lighting.

Make sure there are enough light sources

Redesdaale Street Chelsea Basement Development Rooflight Modern windows & doors by Shape Architecture Modern
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Redesdaale Street Chelsea Basement Development Rooflight

Shape Architecture

A fresh colour palette and excellent lighting will make a basement feel like an extension of the house. The most common type of lighting in the basement is recessed lighting. The lighting should be layered, and this should be augmented by task lighting and accent lighting.

Even in rooms without direct sunlight, lighting designers can help illuminate rooms by creating false light wells with artificial lights. It is always important to ask designers or the architect about what lighting can be used in the room which is exciting and interesting, instead of just fitting any spot light. Artificial lighting is particularly necessary in a basement without windows.

Unless it is a playroom or a family room, there may not be any need for focused lighting. If the basement is going to be used as a bedroom, then a couple of bedside sconces will be good enough.

Spare a thought for storage

Some important considerations should be made for basement storage. As the basement is a place that can be humid and damp, it is not ideal to keep family possessions in the basement. If the basement is well insulated against dampness, then introducing wooden shelving may be possible. However, metal shelving and cabinetry can protect possessions better than wooden alternatives. Plastic bins can also be used instead of cardboard boxes. If plastic bins are used for storing clothes, make sure that they are not air tight as clothing needs. ventilation.

Decorate the basement thoughtfully

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Once the colour and storage choices are made, decorating the basement becomes easier. All one needs is proper planning and some creativity. With good imagination, a dull and damp basement can be converted into a warm and cosy place. Using the right colour for the walls, the right kind of lighting and the right furnishing can enhance the overall décor of the place, making it snug and inviting.

So don’t wait anymore. Give your basement a much needed facelift and watch it come alive for the purpose you have in mind! For more inspiration, check out another ideabook - Modern Loft Conversion, Wimbledon.

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