Entrance door design ideas for Indian homes

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The first impression of a home is largely dependent on the front door. It happens to be the transitional part of the facade that depicts what one can expect from the interiors of your home. Incidentally, it also is a determining factor in the overall appeal of your home. The main door, like any other exterior material, has to be sturdy and tough to withstand the elements. At the same time, it has to complement the interiors of your home aesthetically. Of the many materials available for the front door- three primary materials predominate—wood, steel and fibreglass composite. Take a walk through of these entrance door designs suggested by the interior designers and decorators at homify to get ideas of the materials as well as combinations that work well for your home.  

1. A fibreglass composite main entrance door

Entrance foyer view-1 Design Essentials Colonial style doors
Design Essentials

Entrance foyer view-1

Design Essentials

An ivory main entrance door, when contrasted with mahogany wooden floors, make for the perfect welcome! Fibreglass composite doors last several years with the added advantage of not requiring paint or stain touch-ups. They are ideal for harsh as well as humid climates and are known to last much longer than wood or steel.

2. Glass and wood main entrance door

Foyer- Apartment on Golf course extension road, Gurugram The Workroom Modern style doors modern,interiors,interiordesign,residential,gurgaonhome
The Workroom

Foyer- Apartment on Golf course extension road, Gurugram

The Workroom

Welcome guests, family and friends with this one of a kind main entrance door. The entrance takes on duality – one of material and the other of colour. With the dynamic duo of glass and wood, the door makes quite the impression. When finished off with the contrast of grey and white with greenery to complement, this door does stand out. 

3. Wooden main entrance door

Goel's, Aanandam World City, Raipur, ES Designs ES Designs Modern style doors
ES Designs

Goel's, Aanandam World City, Raipur

ES Designs

Wood is quite common a choice for the main entrance door surpassing faux substitutes by miles in terms of sturdiness and durability. Modern wood door models often make use of a wood core with a veneer coating. The unique combination not only makes for a sturdy exterior but also lowers the overall cost of the door.

4. Patterned wood entrance doors

Modern door designs homify Modern style doors

Modern door designs


Patterned details take a regular wooden door to a new level. Intricate motifs or geometrical patterns can be carved into the door and are most prominent when used on a lighter shade of wood. Combined with the right knob or door handle the entrance is complete! Vastu tips for the main door should also be kept in mind when choosing a design.  

5. Pre-finished wood entrance doors

Pre-finished wood doors make quite the impression. Durable stains and high-gloss finishes are an ideal choice as they not only protect the wood but also add to the overall look of the home. It is important to note that the finish of the door should be extended to the edges to prevent the absorption of moisture. 

6. Make use of lighting for the main entrance door

WALKWAY TO BEDROOM AND BATH ROOM SSDecor Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Engineered Wood Multicolored



In some homes, the main entrance door opens out into a corridor which leaves more room for experimentation when it comes to the holistic impact that the entrance makes. A simple teak door can be accentuated with the addition of lighting as depicted in the image.  

7. Textured wood main entrance door

Although wood doors are quite expensive as a full system includes pre-hung doors, hinges, locksets and weather stripping, they are durable and aesthetically pleasing. A textured wooden main entrance door allows you to play around with materials and colours of your choice.  

8. Solid wood main entrance door

Rima and Devaiah's Residence , Sandarbh Design Studio Sandarbh Design Studio Eclectic style doors
Sandarbh Design Studio

Rima and Devaiah's Residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

A solid wood door is perfect for the entrance, as depicted in the image. Mahogany and walnut wood are the ideal combination as they are both traditional and versatile materials. Pave way for the perfect entrance with the addition of carved metallic gates. Doors and gates can be combined in many ways to create a long lasting impression of the first view of your home.  

Which entrance door design is your favourite? Leave us a comment.

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