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At the end of a long day, nothing beats the allure of the bedroom, which offers a haven like none other. From dream clouds to cosy warm snuggles, the bedroom has stories etched deep within its walls. A change in the overall look of the bedroom is essential from time to time to refresh the mind and spirit. The transformation can come about in the form of the addition of curtains, layering, and many other simple ideas. Here are a few suggestions from the  interior designers and decorators at homify to improve the sleep patterns or relaxation you've been getting all this while!  

1. Layering to enhance the calmness of neutrality

A single-hue modern themed bedroom can lose its charm over time, especially when neutral colours are in play. To accentuate the appeal of your room, you can resort to the addition of varying textures and layers to bring about a warm and cosy effect. Textured pillows, coverlets and carpets… there is no dearth of the layering elements you can choose.  

2. Demarcate space with furniture in the bedroom

A spacious bedroom leaves you with more area than you expect to encounter. This is where compartmentalisation, aided by furniture and decor can come in handy, making for a neat, compact space. A study table or perhaps a cosy seating arrangement such as the one depicted in the image enables the optimal usage of space, besides giving the area a new look.  

3. Wallpaper to alter the theme in the bedroom

A makeover for the bedroom can be done with wallpaper, which allows for variation from time to time. For a more holistic theme, you can opt for decor that gels well with the rest of the bedroom. It lets you play around with different themes in the bedroom. From matching rugs to curtains and cushions, there is no limit to what you can do to change the look of your room.

4. Elevate the look with storage space in the bedroom!

In smaller bedrooms, where space woes overpower all else, an out of the box solution with suspended shelves is perfect. Aesthetically optimising on storage space is the key to a well-planned bedroom. You can opt for a series of shelves or perhaps a single elongated one running parallel to the headboard of the bed. Also, don’t forget that the space under the bed can be used for storage.  

5. Feng Shui in the bedroom

For years, Feng Shui has offered a solution for renovation and makeovers on the home front. When extended to the bedroom, the benefits are twofold with the reward of peace and tranquility being thrown in as a bonus. Simple tweaks such as the addition of greenery or Feng Shui ornaments can be the respite you seek. Alternatively, you can use  Vastu Shastra to uplift the overall look of your bedroom.  

6. A new collection for giving the bedroom a makeover

Murals and paintings, when meticulously picked out, shine a new light on the space in the bedroom. The key is to ensure it syncs with the remaining decor of the room, which includes the paint, the furniture and seating arrangements if any.  

7. Minimalist decor for the bedroom

Makeover decor for a minimalist-themed bedroom can be found in chandeliers and bed lamps. Rugs that complement the theme of the bedroom can also enhance the look of the room. Murals, and paintings, too can help to up the ante significantly.  

8. Curtains to create the illusion of a bigger room

Smaller rooms often house mirrors to reflect light, neutral colours and built-in curtains to create the illusion of space. A lesser-known trick resides in high hanging curtains with no railings or rods in sight. When curtains are hung close to the ceiling, they make the room look more spacious by creating the illusion of space.  

For more inspiration, visit this ideabook: Lighting ideas for the bedroom.

Which of these bedroom makeover ideas will you use? Leave us a comment.

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