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Elegant Interior Design Transforms this Hyderabad Home

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There are quite a few things you can do to improve your home as it ages. One of the best options is to engage the services of a good designer who can change the way your home looks and feels. The interior designers and decorators of Inside Element, Hyderabad have updated the house to appear contemporary while retaining a traditional feel. Besides the distressed wall that looks fabulous at the entrance, additional lighting and charming accents make this home perfect.

Exceptional sitting room

This is a small yet perfect sitting room. By dividing the space functionally, the designers have done a marvellous job. The soft pastel shade for the sofa is unusual and attractive. The homeowners have used a large three-dimensional artwork of their deity, and this contributes to the traditional feel of this space. Using a false ceiling to highlight the prominent colours is an excellent way to give a consistent look to the design.

Amazing balance

The distressed wall has a combination of grey and gold tones. Despite the metallic shade, the look is not uncoordinated. The gold dragonflies on the wall add to the glittery look, while the soft cushioned sofas give a comfortable and luxurious feel to this formal sitting room. Adding a console table to one side of the room has allowed the owners to use it as a stand for an aquarium.

Interesting artwork

One of the biggest challenges in creating a home for another person is to add things that make it personal. Photographs are a fantastic way to make a room homely. Here, the lovely black and white images have been hung like portraits giving the wall some character. The designers have managed to give it a unique feel with a combination of sizes and shapes.

Cosy living room

The warm living room exudes charm. While most people do not like to use grey, the designers have used it here in an elegant manner. The grey panel on the wall has been used efficiently to feature the tv. The upholstery features the same colour as an accent, and a small patch in the ceiling showcases it as well. This has helped to keep the look consistent and fluid. The designers have added bursts of colour and pattern through cushions to give a soft look to this room. 

Engaging and elegant

By looking from the other side, you get a view of the dining room that is connected to the living area. An attractive mirror that resembles the sun has been added to the wall. The dining table and the chairs create an interesting monochromatic look in this space. A contrasting white shade in a few places here and there breaks up the monotony. 

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