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Residence For Captain Nikhil Kanetkar and Ashwini Kanetkar, Navmiti Designs Navmiti Designs Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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A warm, welcoming home full of artistic touches and good taste is surely a pleasure to explore and admire. The Pune residence for Captain Nikhil Kanetkar and Ashwini Kanetkar is one such abode that reflects genuine hospitality and is a visual treat too. It has been rendered by the talented team at Navmiti Designs, architects from Pune. And the result is a stunning display of classic good looks with modern lines and an unrivalled charm, which runs through the length and breadth of this beautiful home. Take a tour through this luxurious space to appreciate its nook and cranny!

The regal living room

The modern yet regal looking living room shows you the full length and beauty of the arched doors that separate it from the foyer. The smooth flooring and simple grey couches make for solid and classic touches, while the drapes add a layered look and go well with the cushions and throw pillows. A single painting of the Buddha and some indoor greens lend serenity.

Glass painted beauty

The space welcomes you with its glass painted panel that stands guard at the foyer. The beautifully modern touch imitates the stencils that are found in medieval artworks in India. The wide entryway ushers you into a space lit by golden yellow light and cream coloured walls. Wood creates a solid look throughout the space thanks to the furniture and door frames.

A rustic touch in the dining area

The dining area has a solid dining table as its main stay. This dining table is a simple one with rustic elements that line its edges and sides. The bench at one end gives it a casual feel. Lying just off of the dining space is the beautiful staircase that is well lit, with each stair enjoying a pool of individual lighting. Glass balustrades exude a cheery openness.

A truly designer kitchen

The kitchen is quite the true blue designer space, thanks to the stencilled glass painted art that makes an appearance here too, in the breakfast nook. Grey and white along with wood, lines this space with a soothing effect while stools and shelves make for interesting talking points. Just off the kitchen, is a small pool with a pretty door and some shelves with focussed lighting. This door leads to an expansive outdoor space where you can enjoy lush, verdant greenery.

A luxurious bedroom in black and brown

A classic Indian palette of solid blacks, browns and mustards make this bedroom a stylish one. A wall of motifs sits comfortably behind the bed and adds an opulent tone to the entire space. Blinds on one side and a bank of closets on another, ensure that the narrow look of the room is compensated with a layered vibe. The bed features a classy looking bedspread in stripes, while the light coloured head board grounds the entire look.

Outdoor magic

Step outside for a wonderfully lush experience. The outdoor area of this home is awash in hues of greenery, with an expansive garden that beckons you to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea as birds chirp around you and the breeze rustles the leaves. The comfortable rattan furniture also has soothing green seats to blend in with the surroundings, and the wooden floor of the gazebo is a perfect folly for the verdant greenery around you. Pots and plants sit near the chairs and hang above as the well. The manicured lawn lies in front of you, soothing you to the core!

This beautiful home has been designed with elements of the modern and the classic to create a well balanced look that has cordiality as the underlying theme. Luxury comes in terms of art, and elements like flooring and wood work well with the lighting to ensure that the layers of style come through in a cohesive, yet designer way! Check out another ideabook for more inspiration - A Serene Home Full of Charm.

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