The House in the Sky

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Many of us dream of someday living in a home with a magnificent view. Some may want that view to be of majestic mountains while others would prefer to overlook a thriving metropolis. Either way, there is just something so invigorating about being perched up above the rest of the world. It offers its own kind of solace and a little sense of ascendency. 

Today we will be touring a home in Mexico by aaestudio that takes all this—quite literally—to a new level. The house is enveloped in lush vegetation on top of a hill overlooking the city below. As you will see shortly, designers created the home with this splendid view in mind. Plus, there are a few dazzling surprises to boot. We hope you’ll join us for a closer look!

A chic yet subdued façade

From the front of the home, you wouldn’t know that it is perched on a scenic cliff, though this fact certainly doesn’t detract from its lovely façade! The mix of colours, shapes, and textures in the façade creates a chic, modern appeal. 

Still, the façade is neutral and subdued, as if it means to say that it's home to modest people despite its marvellous location above the rest of the city.

Sleek kitchen with a pop of colour

As we can see upon entering the home, the first floor is comprised of an open plan living space. In the foreground is a modern style kitchen with plenty of seating for entertaining guests. 

The design team incorporated an elongated bar area with several stools as an effective way to maximise space while still accommodating multiple guests. We also love these bright red chairs in the foreground.

Dining with a view

Naturally, when a home has a view like this one does, the designers will aim to incorporate them when deciding on the layout. Here we can see that they included several large windows, which perfectly frame the city. The dining room is situated here so that the family and their friends can enjoy these views on a regular basis.

Sumptuous bathroom

The bathroom is clad in marble with some rich wooden finishes. It is spacious and luxurious in its features. For one, there is a large walk-in shower room. There are also two sinks for the spouses who share it. Perhaps the most amazing part of this bathroom is the comfortable bathtub that is situated next to the large picture window.

Dining al fresco in the clouds

When the weather permits, the family also has the option of dining and relaxing al fresco on the terrace. The outdoor spaces of the home are where the home truly comes alive. 

This open-air patio is enveloped by the blue sky, surrounding mountains, and greenery beneath. In fact, these things take the place of any superficial decorations.

Grand finale

If you thought that the patio was lovely, check out this fantastic pool area! The in-ground pool even has a waterfall feature! There is enough space for a large gathering, and this spot receives plenty of unobstructed sunlight. What a grand departure from the subdued and neutral façade!

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