6 steps to a minimal, Instagram-worthy work space

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The best kind of work space is one which is neat, clean, organized and has a certain minimal, yet not overtly formal beauty to it. Social media platforms like Instagram are filled with such pictures! Do you keep drooling over such work spaces on Instagram and wonder how you can create such a space yourself? Well you can find inspiration right here at homify! And not just inspiration, here 6 precise steps to help you create your own minimal Scandinavian style Instagram-worthy work space!

Neat typography on a wall

Lest the white walls become too stark and boring, you should add a typography print of a favourite quote of yours like in the room here. Don't overdo it though. Just use one or two quotes on a single wall of your study, and leave the other walls bare. You can even paint the quote directly on the wall with the help of stencils, or use a blackboard for a scholarly look.

All white walls

First and foremost, paint all walls white. White has a bare, stark beauty to it that immediately creates a minimal effect. Be it just ordinary white walls, or brick walls painted white like in this study here designed by INT2ARCHITECTURE, opting for white walls and even white ceiling and floor will lay the foundation for a Scandinavian style minimal work space.

Desk and chair in minimal Scandinavian design

You can't have a minimal Scandinavian style study without a modern desk and a sleek chair. Less is more is definitely the lesson here. Scandinavian design by nature is minimal yet functional. So no big bulky wooden desks or chairs for your Instagram worthy study. Opt for a simple, clean cut wooden or metal desk, and a comfortable metal framed revolving chair like the one here in this study.

Light up your desk

Next, choose the perfect minimal lamp for your desk. A simple metal framed lamp with a glass lampshade like here will fit in perfectly in your picture perfect study. Stay away from rustic lamps made of jute, twine, paper or earthenware. Instead pick out a lamp made of metal, glass, plastic or even wood if it has a basic geometric cut, and light up your desk in a functional yet beautiful way. You can even light up your desk with multiple quirky yet subtle light sources, like here.

Organized shelves

A messy study is definitely not Instagram worthy, nor does it look minimally beautiful. Thus, organize all your files, folders and books and arrange them neatly on shelves, instead of leaving them lying around scattered, or one on top of the other on your desk. And not just your solid simple shelves, keep your desk neat and tidy too, so that it looks like just like the pictures you love.

Breathe in life with a plant

Finally, breathe in a bit of life in your study with a small green plant. Keeping an air purifying indoor plant like Snake Plant, Peace Lily or Golden Pothos will definitely help clear the air so you can think up fresher ideas. But keeping an indoor flower plant like Lavender or Azaleas will add colour and vivacity to your otherwise monochromatic study, and make it look better on Instagram! And not just the study, plants are perfect for enlivening up the bedroom too. If you are wondering which plants to keep in your bedroom, here are 6 stunning one's.

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