Big tricks to furnish your small kitchen!

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Small kitchens is a reality of modern city homes. With ever increasing real estate prices, it is not surprising to see apartments becoming more compact. These smaller spaces call for innovative and creative decor and storage spaces. How else would one be able to fit in entire families in matchbox sized flats? And when it comes to kitchen, there can never be enough space. One is always trying to create new space through smart furniture and accessories. Here are some of our big tricks to furnish a small kitchen. Very basic and easy to incorporate, these ideas will surely help make your kitchen seem larger and more airy. 

Use light wood (NO DARK)

Light colors tend to make the room look airy. So when furnishing your tiny kitchen, choose light colored furniture. A dark shade of brown or dark colored veneer wood surfaces can make the space look quite claustrophobic and smaller than what it actually is. It is highly recommended to even use a single color palate, say an off white or light brown, all across the room, be it a kitchen or otherwise to create a sense of larger spaces.

A round table to save space

A four seater square table may need more space than a round one of similar area. Smoother edges tend to give a perception of more space even when less. So if you are planning on a dining space in the kitchen, choose a round table. Add small comfortable chairs or stolls that fit right under the table and you have a really compact eating space. 

Open shelving

Sure modular kitchens with neat covered cabinets in lovely colors look great, but think about it, if there are no cabinets or drawers to be opened, wouldn't it be simpler to use and less claustrophobic in a tiny kitchen? Open shelving is what was traditionally used always. Give it a go in your apartment and you would be surprised at the convenience it offers. No more doors to be open and shut every time and no drawers to pull out and close in whenever you need that plate in the corner. Open shelving does require extra cleaning and tidying up though as disorganised arrangement can be unsightly. 

Hang decorative items on the walls instead of surfaces

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So someone gifted a decorative basket on your housewaring or a beautiful oriental coffee mug? Why not hang them on the kitchen wall instead of placing them in shelves or on the counter? These decorative items will surely add to some charm in the kitchen plus help you save space, allowing easy display in the bargain. A hanging rod right below the upper cabinets with soft concealed lights in this kitchen add so much warmth and coziness in the tiny kitchen space.

Use surface easy to clean

There are so many options when it comes to selecting a kitchen counter top. From natural polished wood and fibre to veneer, stone and glass. Always go for something that's easy to clean. Granite is a popular choice as it is easy to maintain and can bear a lot of cleaning, scrubbing and rough handling over the years. Same goes for cabinets and shelves. Always choose easy to maintain surfaces. Veneered plywood is commonly used for storage spaces. Metal racks and polished wood is another good choice. With smaller kitchens is it crucial to maintain the cleanliness and a clutter free environment hence choice of surfaces is important.

White and small (but comfy) chairs

Again, a light shade can do wonders for a small sized kitchen. You must have wished for an all white kitchen like shown in those international cooking shows and interior design magazines. But the reality is, that Indian cooking involves a lot of stove top cooking in oil. So an all white kitchen may be extremely difficult to maintain. Take the middle path and just add a touch of that pure white with small comfortable chairs or stools at the counter. These white chairs do not take much space and are yet so functional and apt for a small kitchen setup.

Take your pick from these tricks while furnishing your kitchen and you can see new space created. When it comes to furnishing a rental or your owned apartment, do give in some thought on the decor especially when space is a luxury. Little tips and imagination can instantly transform a tiny space into a compact smart and practical kitchen that will be a pleasure to work in. 

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