10 extraordinary cabinet designs with sliding doors

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A cabinet with sliding doors is a useful piece of furniture which not just creates an extra storage capacity in the room but allows you to give an aesthetic touch to the room which is very different from regular closets or dressers. Whether you place the sliding door cabinet in your bedroom or the dressing room, it gives a sense of style to the area while saving space that would be required if it had regular outward opening doors. Cabinets with sliding doors are useful and with creativity they can be given beautiful designs that can enhance the style quotient of your home manifolds.

Here are ten beautifully designed sliding door cabinets that can help to enhance the décor of your home and make it the object of envy among friends and family.

Modern and versatile

This cabinet has a fairly dynamic design with opaque surface that lightly reflects images in front of it and gives it a classy look. The visual image of this creatively designed cabinet is very unique. Whether the cabinet is closed or open, the opaque doors add to the dynamism of the room by creating a contrast between images reflected on it. 

Dynamic colored striped cabinet

When people think about originality and finesse in furniture, this humble cabinet rarely comes into their mind as they get carried away by other more visible pieces of furniture that can be shown off to visitors. When it comes to wardrobes and cabinets, both buyers and manufacturers generally settle for generic designs that are almost identical to each other and contribute nothing in terms of aesthetics to the room they belong.  

Fortunately, this wardrobe has been designed with style and originality. Its attractive combination of colors and neat vertical strips in sync with the room décor and basic shades add to its beauty. The designer has made a smart choice of design and colors to turn an ordinary cabinet to an original piece of art that takes onlookers by surprise.

Highlighting wood

This beautiful sliding door wardrobe shows how creative designs can help a piece of furniture blend perfectly with its surroundings and create an aesthetically pleasing environment within the room. The single bar of color on the plain surface creates a unique combination that elevates the simplicity and elegance of the wardrobe making onlookers wonder at its creativity.

Silvery sparklers

Though no form of extravagance has been applied in this cabinet, its unique design catches the eyes of onlookers as they walk into the room. Its layout and use of neutral background against a bright silver strip makes this wardrobe adaptable to just any type of bedroom design.

Acrylic in earth tones

Though there is nothing revolutionary or dramatic about this cabinet design, its beauty lies in its simplistic style. Its use of neutral colors and a wide strip of single color in the center helps it blend perfectly into the room’s atmosphere.

A trio of colors

This attractive three door cabinet would appear ordinary if left with a single color, but the three primary colors painted horizontally across its center enhance the three sections giving it a youthful touch. Its dynamism and vitality make it the perfect wardrobe for teens of both sexes who would revel in its colorful design.

Dreamy and romantic touch

The pretty combination of white, purple and violet colors makes this cabinet an ideal furniture for children’s room. The aesthetically designed rectangles in three pleasing pastel colors give balance and beauty to this cabinet.

Minimalistic and natural

The idea of this cabinet was derived from designs by skilled professionals Torreblanca’s book Furniture Flowers. Though it’s not eye catching but its beauty lies in its unobtrusive elegance and ability to blend into the room’s environment with minimal fuss.

Rustic cabinet with mirror

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Your Style Sliding Doors

Shaker Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Your Style Sliding Doors

The cabinet is homely and practically designed to fit into any simple bedroom and has great functionality to add to storage space of the users.

Pristine white beauty

The completely white wardrobe gives a simple and vibrant feel to the bedroom. People who like completely white furniture and interiors would be thrilled with this product as it will add to the aesthetics of their home.  

We hope you liked these designs and we shall continue to give more tips about stylish cabinet designs for your home. We invite you to add your imagination to these designs so we can create the perfect wardrobe for your needs.

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