8 Ways to make your Apartment Look like a Movie Set

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How often have you wondered what it feels like to stay in a posh classy apartment like Carrie Bradshaw and have an amazing closet all to yourself? Well, it may be a little expensive, but what about the beautifully decorated apartment of Meg Ryan in ‘You’ve Got Mail’? Who would not want to stay in such a cosy place with lots of books and fresh flowers? Cooking can be fun, only when you have something as impeccably beautiful as the kitchen in ‘It’s Complicated’. The list goes on. Every movie that you have watched must have inspired you in terms of home decor and you must have borrowed ideas. But have you ever wondered what would it be like to take a theme from a particular movie and design your house around it? If not, then read on to find out how fantastic it can be!

Go retro and choose a 60’s theme like in The Graduate

This film brilliantly captures the stylish interiors of the 60’s. From the inviting look of the Braddock home to the modern and stylish look of the Robinson’s, the Graduate explores the style of the 60’s to its core. And you will get a number of decor inspirations from this movie. One thing about retro style is that it never goes out of fashion. The eclectic combination of new forms with old styles can be quite refreshing; from bubbly prints to psychedelic lights to bold colours and warm rugs; choose your accessories carefully to create a retro-styled home. Circular forms of furniture are common in retro fashion, and you can easily team it up with lacquer-finished and modern leather furniture. The combination will be striking. You can also get a cue from this retro-style kitchen beautifully captured in its country-like essence by Pete Helme Photography from United Kingdom.

Go whimsical like Where the Wild Things Are

This fantasy movie has all the elements like animatronics, computer-generated imagery, live-action and everything else that can take you to a realm of fantasy. If you have kids in the house, you can just decorate their room by selecting characters from the movie. Ask your child about his favourite character and design his or her room around that character. The theme itself can be adventurous with the walls gradually revealing the story. However, because it is a child’s room, choose some vibrant colours to make it sunny and warm. And there is no reason why you have to stick to this movie only for the decor. Any other quirky and wild concept will work equally well!

Thinking outside the box- Get inspired by Wes Anderson movies

Anderson’s movie sets are an integral part of his visual storytelling. The mis-en-scene is arranged in such a way that it gives away the impression of part nostalgia, part traveller and part doll-house setting. It is quirky and charming, but it is definitely impactful. Every Anderson movie has a vivid colour; so pick up a colour and stick to it. Display your collectibles so that everyone can admire them. This is part of your personal history and will create a strong impact on your guests. The wallpaper should make a statement; because every Wes Anderson movie set features a wallpaper with distinctiveness. And when you select your accessories, do not forget a record player and some art pieces.

Go minimal with Breakfast at Tiffany’s

There is one underlying note in every Audrey Hepburn movie; classiness. Holy Golightly’s apartment gives away the impression that even less can be more. There is hardly any furniture; but despite that, her bachelor pad in New York looks awesome. The classic vintage look can be easily achieved with the selection of your knick-knacks and accessories in the rooms. Select some quirky pieces and try to create a balance by adding a feminine touch. You might not opt for crates for cocktail tables, but you sure can select a simple crate-like table as your centre table for the living space. Maybe adding an animal print rug can ensure that the space looks every bit like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And when you plan a cosy get-together, maybe you can bring out your best champagne glasses?

Try Parisian like Amelie

This all-time favourite French movie can provide you with a number of design inspirations. The rich colour tone, the saturated decor and a red bedroom – well can it get more Parisian than this? In fact, it is one of the inspirational apartments of all times with its own set of eccentric designs and colourful accessories. The colour palette of Amelie’s home is quite interesting with red being the predominant colour, and hints of hunter green and electric blue thrown in. But the room comes alive when you add some personalized items like Amelie did, with her pet portraits and pig lamps. The metallic rouge wallpaper is another worthy addition to any room. If you are bold enough to experiment, then you can rely on Amelie to provide you with some of the best ideas.

Futuristic—2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s film can be quite inspiring for people who love both modern and classic themes. Like the movie, you can opt for minimalist theme with white being the predominant colour. Of course, to add a futuristic touch, you can choose contemporary sleek furniture. If you think a touch of colour would be nice, you can always opt for red cushions or a red lamp. To stick to Kubrick’s theme, you can choose the futuristic red Djiin chairs and add it to your drawing space. You can be as innovative as possible with your decor and design, because when it comes to futuristic design, you need to expand your imagination.

Boho Style with Eat, Pray and Love

Liz Gilbert’s tryst with self-discovery allows viewers to view the world in a different light. From the cosy drawing rooms in Rome, to open living quarters in Thailand to classic Indian homes – the viewers travel with Liz experiencing each culture vividly. And you will be pleasantly surprised to experience three different cultures distinctively. If warm rich tones impress you, then you will like the liberated and open quarters of Thailand. But it all begins with Liz’s apartment in US, which upholds the essence of a modern home. From wooden floors to large windows to a comfortable bedroom – everything about this room speaks of contemporary decor.

Modern and classic—It's Complicated

If you consider the highlight of It’s Complicated, it has to be the kitchen. Even if you are not keen about cooking, you are bound to feel inspired after looking at the lovely spacious kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. As for the rest of the house, it exudes the feel of a modern home which combines classic elements with modern decor to bring out the best possible effect.

So what are you waiting for? Decide which one of the above ideas you like best, and create a home that is cosy, comfortable and classic! Choose your theme and select the accessories to complement the theme. Here is another ideabook to inspire you further - Decorate your home without making permanent changes.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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