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Simple yet nice ways to store winter clothes

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Winter is gone, summer is in the air, and while you are enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face with your tea in the morning, is the thought of your winter clothes bugging you? Or more clearly is the idea of storing them somewhere out of sight and out of mind (at least for a few months) distracting you from your tea and paper and perhaps even the happy sunshine? Well here are 6 simple yet nice ways to store your winter clothes, that are bound to wipe away that frown from your face.

Top shelf of your cupboard

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If you have clothes, you most likely have a cupboard and the simplest place to store your winter clothes out of reach and out of sight is the top shelf of your cupboard! This way your winter clothes will not get mixed up with your regular clothes on the lower shelves, and yet when winter comes again or if someday there is a slight chill in the air, you can fetch your winter clothes or simply a warm scarf in a jiffy. An organized cupboard like the one here designed by NITIDO INTERIOR DESIGN will just make your life simpler.

Bottom drawer

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Vintage French chest of drawers

Owl and the Elephant

Just like the top shelf in the cupboard, the bottom drawer of any chest of drawers is a least used space. And that makes it the perfect place to store your winter clothes. Both accessible, yet not a drawer that you open or meddle with too often, the bottom drawer will provide safe refuge to your winter clothes till the year end and is specially perfect for bachelors who don't have a cupboard in their home yet.

Store them below your bed

Considering urban homes in India have become so compact, furniture too has become multifunctional to make the most out of limited spaces. If you have a retractable drawer under your bed like the one here designed by MASSIVE NATURMÖBEL, or a hydraulic bed that allows you to access the space under your bed, tuck in your not just your winter clothes, but even warm blankets under your bed till winter comes again.

Laundry room

If you have a separate laundry space or room, you can use the top shelves above the washer and dryer to store your winter clothes. If you don't have shelves on top there build some, and if you have the space utilize it by constructing a compact cupboard there which you can use to store winter clothes, blankets and much more. Keeping your winter clothes in a closed cupboard instead of an open shelf will keep them cleaner, so do take that into account before storing them anywhere.

Under the stairs

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Innovative storage solutions.


If you live in a house instead of an apartment, you can store your winter clothes under the stairway. Whether you have an old fashioned cupboard there, a modern retractable storage area like the one here, or simply an empty space with a few shelves that you can cover with blinds, use this space to stow away your winter clothes and blankets till the next chilly season.


Finally, those of you who have a dumpy old attic lying unused or turned into a horrible store room on top of your home, can clean up that space and use it to store your winter clothes and things. You could construct shelves like this, but if you are worried about them gathering dust, storing them in wooden, metal or even plastic boxes is a better idea. Don't store your winter clothes in cardboard boxes, because even if a single mouse gets into your attic, it can chew away your clothes through the cardboard. If you want to get more out of your attic and want to turn it into a living space, here are some ideas that may help.

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