Creative uses for used wine corks!

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Who has not twirled a wine cork in their hands after finishing a good bottle of wine? Most of us just go and dump the bottle and the cork into the trash can, but there are so many DIY things that we can do instead, specially with the wine cork. Artwork to usable products, a household item to something you can showcase at your workplace, used wine corks can be upcycled and reused in many ways. Here are 6 ideas to creatively use used wine corks!

Hanger hooks

Ever imagined that you can use used wine corks as hanger hooks too?. Whether you paint it or not, just fit a plastic or metal mould inside it that will ensure the cork doesn't break while inserting it into a nail in the wall, and you have a hanger hook ready! Mismatched brightly coloured moulds like the one's here, or painting the used corks in bright colours, will create a more vivid impact and upcycle it more stylishly.


If painting seems a bit tedious to you, take a round or square frame, spread glue on its surface, and fit it end to end with used wine corks, which will then get pasted on it and create a funky coaster. Use a brightly coloured metal, wooden or plastic frame to make your coaster look more eye catching. You can either use the cork side up, or turn it over and use the other bright side, which you can make even more interesting by cutting ad's or prints and pasting it there.


One of the simplest things to do, is to paint a used wine cork with bright colours and patterns like this wine cork here designed by HYPNOTIC. But you can take it a step further and turn the quirkily painted wine cork into a fridge magnet! Turn it into a family affair where each of you paint a cork in your own style, and then fix a magnet in the dent at the back of it and flaunt it on your fridge.


You can also use used wine corks to create an innovative lamp like the one in this room. All you need to do is to fill a glass bottle with used wine corks and put a lampshade on top and your upcycled wine cork lamp is ready! Using a transparent glass bottle instead of a dark glass bottle, will allow the texture and colour of the corks inside to create a bold rustic impact, and a paper or juste lampshade will further enhance the earthiness of such a lamp.


Another simple, yet creative way of using used wine corks, is to turn them into knobs for drawers or cupboards. Be it the wooden chest of drawers in your bedroom, your nightstand, or even a metal drawer in your study, you can attach a used wine cork to a metal hook and turn it into a funky knob. You can either paint it a dark or light colour in contrast with your drawer, or just leave it as it is if you have a more eclectic style.


Finally, be it a showpiece tray made of compressed wine corks, or a painting on the wall studded with them, you can create many artworks out of used wine corks. Make what your imagination leads you to make, and showcase it proudly in your living room. Even wooden bits like the tray here, or as a painting, can be upcycled creatively. If you are looking to give your old bar cart a makeover, here are 6 interesting ideas to do so.

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