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Do you have a tiny little backyard that you want to turn into a lovely garden? Consider giving it an English spin. Particularly popular during Victorian times, not only is an English country garden a green refreshing escape from the dull grey's of a city because of its variety of plants, but it is tidy in spite of the first haphazard feeling you may get at seeing it. Maintaining such a garden will be easier for those with little time, and such a garden style will definitely have a symmetrical beauty in spite of its laid back layout. So waste no time, use these 6 simple tips to turn your backyard into an elegant English country garden!

Patterns and organization

The first and the most striking feature of an English country garden is that it has a certain method in madness. It looks deceptively laid back with plants and shrubs growing in clusters, but everything—the flowers, plants, herbs, vegetables—are actually organized into neat patterns. Keep flowers on one side, segregate a separate space for vegetables and herbs, and even mark out a pre decided space for benches and chairs while creating such a garden.

Plants and herbs

Next, familiarize yourself with the plants and herbs that are found in a typical English country garden. Basil, thyme, oregano, and rosemary are some of the most popular English country garden herbs, while shrubs, bushes and small flowering trees are another important component of it. Also take into account how much space and what kind of climate you have before selecting any trees or plants. Only choose plants and herbs that have the space and environment to thrive in your backyard.


An English country garden is colourful and vivacious because of the many flowers one finds it. Both annual and perennial flowers are found in such a garden. Roses, carnations and daisies, are the most popular and easy to maintain flowers in an English country garden. But you can also attempt to keep flowers such as—lavender, iris and zinnias.


Another quintessential feature of a typical English country garden is a trellis. The word trellis refers to a open framework or lattice of interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo or metal which supports climbing plants. These creepers can be of a varied variety—from money plant to ivy's, a floral plant to one with fruits or beans. A trellis will bring in a vintage Victorian touch to your humble backyard and will definitely make it more beautiful.


Many beautiful ornaments are also often found in English country gardens. The most simple one of these that you can incorporate in your little backyard, is a bird bath or bird feeder. Be it an innovative bird bath like the one here designed by DAMLA ŞELALE, or a more conventional bird feeder like this one, include something in your garden that will attract birds, and make it a chirpier, livelier space.

Cobbled path

Finally, include a cobbled pathway in your garden, so that you can take leisurely walks in your little backyard and turn back time. Using stones for such a pathway is the best option, but you can also alternate it with grass like here, or simple use concrete if your budget is less. Include some comfortable chairs or benches and your English country garden is complete. Here are 6 contemporary ideas for garden chairs.

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