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The cottage-style Interlock House, designed by Betweenlines, architects in Bangalore, is a celebration of the bohemian spirit coupled with the simple charm of a rustic setting. Bangalore is considered to be the technological heart of India, and is a city which has amply witnessed the rise of contemporary style architecture. But this cottage-style abode stands out from its modern counterparts, and will definitely remind you of the idyllic countryside of perfect bliss and happiness. And on a closer look, you will realize that only a free-spirited soul can appreciate the true beauty of this place; since there is a laid-back feeling about the entire structure. This house is designed for an unconventional soul who likes to mix materials, patterns, textures and colours without paying much attention to what is fancy and what is not. Let’s explore this inviting residence further.

A warm and enticing facade

The sloping brick red roof and the grey brick walls concoct an earthy charm which is typical of the house. The roof is quite interesting as it is partly made from cement and partly with terracotta sandwich tiles. You will also notice that the clever use of two different types of bricks reduces heat radiation, making the interiors cool. There are quite a few windows which are visible from the outside, and they keep the house well-ventilated. The brick steps which lead to the house are picturesque and friendly. The porch is perfect for an outdoor rendezvous on a balmy summer night.

The stunning ceiling of the house

The thatched roof gives away the feel of a summer cottage. The use of natural elements like cane and wood for creating the false ceiling creates an eco-friendly feel within the house. However, the use of metal for the staircase is a striking touch. The lights are strategically placed all over the ceiling to keep the room adequately illuminated. The long lamp shades made of bamboo, are worthy additions and they complement the overall design of the place.

The sophisticated dining room

The spacious dining hall has a unique arrangement of furniture. Apart from the large dining table which is enough to accommodate six people at a time, you will also notice low stools on the right with an antique centre table in between. The whole picture aptly suggests that this place is perfect for large get-togethers and lazy chit-chats as well. Another major highlight of this place is the glazy ceramic tiles which contribute to the Bohemian feel of the house. No one pattern is repeated and it is a conscious decision, because everything in this house inspires unconventionality. The window-like structure in the wall can be defined as either a wall cabinet or a bar cabinet, and creates a nice diversion. The feature wall is made of bricks, and it is in tune with the simple rustic feel of the house.

The spiralling staircase

As you make your way to the top, you will encounter the beautiful spiralling staircase. Although the rails are made of metal, glazed tile has been used to designate the steps. But it is the structure of the stairs designed in a snaky spiralling form, which catches the eye. If you have read about the story of Jack and his beanstalk, maybe it will be easy to identify with the feeling of reaching the sky with the help of this stairway!

A lovely seating area

What do you see - the grey walls, the green seating zone, the tiny blue door, the roughly painted window or the large wooden door? Well, all of these are unique in their own way, and still coexist peacefully. It is not just the rough texture of the wall or the tiled floor that will capture your attention. It is the thought behind the room; everything is so carelessly arranged that you will hardly find any streamlined pattern. But even chaos has its own charm; and it is this chaotic assemblage which impresses the onlooker. It is as if you are looking at a post-modern painting with a riot of bright and subdued colours, and the theme is yours to choose!

So if you are a true Bohemian at heart, you will not fail to appreciate the beauty of this home. Feel free to take a look at another ideabook to quench your creative thirst - A Serene Home Full Of Charm.

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