A Gorgeous Contemporary Apartment

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Today on homify 360°, we're going to tour a gorgeous contemporary apartment in Vila Leopoldina, in São Paulo, Brazil. The brainchild of Architect Monica Spada Durante, an architect based in São Paulo, Brazil, this apartment features all the elements of contemporary style in its interiors and decor. A subtle colour palette, vibrant decor additions, and a stunning view make this apartment a coveted place to live. The beautiful combination of elegant contemporary style and striking tones enhance the look of this apartment. 

So without further ado, let's step into this home tour and experience contemporary design at its finest. 

A cosy space

A combination of elegance and comfort, this living room is designed with bold strokes of contemporary design and elements of comfortable style. An L-shaped neutral tones sofa set faces the stark white open-shelved cabinet in the living room. The designer has utilized a neutral colour palette to bring out the contemporary style of the space.

Balcony with a view

Surrounded by glass panes and pearl white metal frame, the view from this balcony is breathtaking. The designer has furnished this open layout balcony with simple armchairs embellished with gorgeous throws and cushions. This space is an excellent place to relax in the morning or in the evening after a tiring day at work.

Dine with a view

The other side of the balcony features more seating space in the form of a dining area and bar area. A weathered wooden panel surrounds the monochromic bar area and faces the 6-seater dining table in a contrasting colour palette. The designer has decorated the space with planters and flowers for a natural and floral element.

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An artistic experience

While the decor of the dining room is defined by its contemporary style, the designer has added a twist to the space with an exquisite and vibrant painting on the wall. An 8-seater dining table takes center stage in the dining room and is highlighted with two large ceiling lights that rest above the table. 

When style meets comfort

The first impression of the bedroom is comfort, followed closely by simplistic style. Designed in shades of grey with a burst of deep brown, the bedroom's colour palette gives the interiors a soothing style. Carpeted flooring and floor-to-wall windows covered in sheer curtains give this space a stylish appeal.

Cosy yet stylish, this contemporary apartment is sure to leave you wanting your dream apartment!

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