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Which kind of kitchen suits your personality?

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Cottage Kitchen By Luxmoore & Co Country style kitchen by Luxmoore & Co Country
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Do you love to prepare gastronomic delights for your family and friends every now and then? Or maybe you are in charge of the kitchen and everyone else relies on you when it comes to deciding the dishes for the day? If you are someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, it is natural that you would want to style it as per your personality. Adding different design elements to your cooking haven will not only inspire you as a chef, but will also infuse freshness and originality.

For instance, copper being a popular metal is widely used for cooking utensils. But some people go further and fashion it into a sink in the kitchen. This sink looks unusual and stylish and adds to the look of the kitchen. Likewise, many other unique little changes and additions can not only reflect your personality in the kitchen, but also act as amazing décor accents. These maybe in the form of a lavish marble kitchen island, classy wooden countertops, fancy lighting, ultramodern appliances or even a vintage cabinet oozing with old world charm. Read on to find out how your kitchen can represent who you are.

The logician

The logician’s kitchen is methodical and organized. He or she gets every little thing in place and gets things done. Generally these people prefer a traditional kitchen that is timeless. They try and keep a calm and clean kitchen that has all the subtle details that look interesting. So if you are a logician, you probably prefer a clutter free kitchen that is not very showy. You make lists and stick to your tried and tested methods. Being methodical helps you in maintaining your kitchen the way you want.

The commander

Modern Country Farmhouse Kitchen Rustic style kitchen by homify Rustic

Modern Country Farmhouse Kitchen


If you are a commander by nature, you are rational, assertive and influential by nature. A sophisticated kitchen that keeps evolving over time is ideal for you. Modernizing the kitchen involves aesthetics combined with functionality. For instance, assertive people try to bring in solutions for storage space in such a way, that it stands out and becomes a statement piece.

For example, stainless steel provides a very modern and sophisticated look. It can be integrated into storage solutions for wines, and it can also double up as room divider. Investing in a sleek stainless steel covered high-end fridge enhances the décor. You can also opt for sliding countertops and unfixed elements that make the kitchen an adaptable space. Say, how about a cutting board that slides over the sink making it disappear? Strong elements which look sophisticated but not too intimidating will be suitable for you.

The adventurer

People who are adventurous by nature have a casual and practical approach towards their kitchen. They appreciate modern equipment and any gadget that newly arrives in the market. They are willing to try any equipment that looks elegant and functional in the kitchen. So if you have an adventurous spirit then you will probably love accents which are bold and beautiful. Experiment with bold or rich wooden hues and team them up with stainless steel to add some drama to the kitchen. Monochromatic themes are very much in too.

The mediator

Cottage Kitchen By Luxmoore & Co Country style kitchen by Luxmoore & Co Country
Luxmoore & Co

Cottage Kitchen By Luxmoore & Co

Luxmoore & Co

Unconventional and clever people like their kitchen to exude eclectic style. They are inspired and take inspiration from all kinds of styles and periods and are not afraid to mix and match. Even if the first idea doesn’t work, they are not afraid to change it again. As a mediator, you probably love to play with ideas time and again and don’t mind influencing other people with your concepts.

You are open minded and willing to try out new styles and new solutions for your existing problems. You don’t always mind breaking rules and finding your own eclectic style in the process. So, in your kitchen you can make space for technology by having a drawer or cabinet outfitted with necessary electrical outlets, and organize space for gadgets. Take a hint from this cosy but smart kitchen designed by Luxmoore & Co, kitchen manufacturers from United Kingdom.

The entertainer

The entertainer is someone who loves to interact with family and friends and have them over for hearty meals and drinks. As an entertainer, your kitchen should be cosy, colourful, inviting and warm. You can decorate your kitchen with colourful flowers in vases, vibrant greens and lively artworks. Bright tea towels and throw rugs, welcoming lights, and colourful accessories like red barstools can be good picks for your kitchen. Entertainers do not consider added elements in the kitchen as clutter, but rather as items which showcase their personality.

The artist

For those of you with an artistic flair, a kitchen which is slightly off the beaten track can be perfect. Introduce something unique or creative which makes your cooking sanctuary stand out from the rest with élan. Observe how the kitchen pictured above comes with backsplashes which are medleys of hues and patterns. It is a reflection of the owner’s imagination and creativity. A bright red countertop also livens up things and balances the austerity of wood and steel efficiently. So try something different. If you are good at drawing or sculpting or making crafts, display your artworks proudly on the kitchen walls. Go for a stylish sink or faucet to add an exclusive touch.

The architect

Are you inspired by the lines, curves and angles of your home? Then probably you are an architect at heart if not by profession! For you, a smart and contemporary kitchen which is aesthetically stunning and functional is best suited. Note how the power of wood and steel come together in the kitchen shown above. The effect is not just futuristic; it indicates that the owner has an acute sense of proportion, and harmonious blending of designs. The ceiling lighting is also a sign of affinity for architectural preciseness.

So, gear up to cook your next delicacy in style. Transform your kitchen into a spot which is apt for you as an individual, and watch your guests go green with jealousy! Take a look at another ideabook for more inspiration - 5 spectacular modern kitchen designs.

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