Living room in Noida with unique design elements

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Mid-Century Modern Living Room, Paimaish Paimaish Modern living room Solid Wood Turquoise
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Living rooms present the biggest challenge in any home. The reason for this is that the family typically congregates here and it needs to match everyone’s style quotient. Also, consider the fact that this is the room that gets seen the most by guests and therefore it is important to present the best picture of the house. The interior designers and decorators of Themistris in Noida have created a fluid and charming design for this room. The coordination of colours and the lovely patterns make this the perfect.

Easy on the eye

There is something truly wonderful and attractive about spaces that are balanced in terms of colour, design, and patterns. You can see the same here as this room looks perfect. There is a pop of colour in the bright yellow fabric-covered chairs which stands out beautifully against the blues that seem prominent in the room. Another aspect that catches your eye is the unique wall-mounted shelf which features some bright indoor plants. The brown leather covered bench is rustic and adds interest to the overall design.

Charming furniture designs

The wall has been embellished with a set of portraits and artwork that is consistent with the theme. Also, since it sits comfortably above this sleek and stylish console table, it adds beauty to space. There is an abundance of plants which have been used perfectly to brighten up this room. Attractive, vibrant and interactive is how you can describe the room. The bright coloured chairs against the dining table make for a charming effect. The rug below the table is great as it brings together all the colours that are featured here in the room.

Simplistic and stylish artwork

The first thing that you notice as you see the room is the fairly large buffet table that extends from one end of the room to the other. This provides the perfect space to store all the crockery you have. The wall above has been used to feature this lovely artwork which is modest yet attractive. The mirror is unique and yet beautiful. It beautifies as it makes the room look spacious too. Another aspect that should be mentioned is the use of a subtle yet interesting false ceiling design. With lights all around, the room looks even more attractive and modern.

Divine space

The pooja room is a special place in a home and here, the designers seem to have created a serene and calm atmosphere. Using a simple marble structure, they have created a spot for relaxation or meditation. The idol sits majestically in the centre of the platform. Drawers and additional storage have been created below the idol so it is easy to maintain it as a clutter-free and clean space. The fancy lights and the bell add to the look of the area. Here’s another tour you might enjoy—Wet walls and ceilings? Don't panic!

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