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12 Beautiful design ideas of walk-in closet for your home

Residence,New Beach,California Ground 11 Architects Modern dressing room
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Once upon a time walk-in closet was the privilege of the rich and famous. However, the time changed and innovative ideas and designs made walk-in closet possible for everyone. The only thing we need to build one in our home is our creativity and the ability to maximize the space utilization. In modern homes, walk-in closet doesn’t mean miles of hanging space with dressing table at one end and an island with drawers in the middle. It can be something as simple as an elegantly designed closet in a corner or as a partition dividing the room. Today we have brought for you 12 beautiful and organized walk-in closets to inspire you. Have a look!

1. A long walk in walk-in closet

Residence,New Beach,California Ground 11 Architects Modern dressing room
Ground 11 Architects

Residence,New Beach,California

Ground 11 Architects

A long and narrow walk-in closet with open shelves, hangers and drawers on one side and closed glass door cupboard on the other with open shelves in different sizes at the end for shoes and accessories. The niche has been utilized to arrange for a seat for comfort. 

2. Wooden walk-in closet

walkin wardrobe homify Modern dressing room

walkin wardrobe


The elegance and warmth of wood dominate this neatly built and well organized walk-in closet. Hanging shelves are guarded by swinging glass doors since there is ample space in this king size walk-in closet.

3. The magical glass in walk-in closet

The glass creates an illusion of spaciousness in an enclosed space. Walk-in closet being an enclosed space, glass doors and mirrors are generously used here. The comfortable sofa in the middle is even making the closet lavishly stylish.

4. Smart combination of clear and frosted in walk-in closet

7WD Residence TakenIn Modern dressing room

7WD Residence


Dressing up needs time and hence it is important to maintain the aesthetics of the walk-in closet of your home. Glass brings in elegance into the space, but to break the monotony of similar glass, you can try combining clear and frosted glass on the doors of the closet. 

5. Walk-in closet in the bathroom

One wall of the bathroom is designed to be the walk-in closet covered with sliding glass doors and neatly arranged hangers and drawers visible through it. The shine of glass is complimented by the mirror on the opposite wall.

6. Walk-in closet with a dressing table

World Towers, Upper Worli Urbane Storey Modern dressing room
Urbane Storey

World Towers, Upper Worli

Urbane Storey

Fresh, spacious and neatly organized closet with hangers, shelves and drawers on both the side and space for dressing up in the middle complete with a settee and a dressing table at the far end makes it a perfect walk-in closet.

7. Walk-in closet with smart hangers

The size of the walk-in closet doesn’t matter if it is well organized and has enough space for all your belongings. Make your small closet smart by designing smart hangers in drawers like it is done here for trousers. A full size mirror will create an illusion of spaciousness and you can take your own time without feeling claustrophobic.

8. U-shape for comfortable walk-in closet

Using the three walls of the room, a perfectly spacious walk-in closet is built to create maximum storage space with maximum comfort. The smart combination of hangers, drawers and shelves, it has enough space for everything.

9. Hidden behind the drape walk-in closet

The small closet is organized and kept clean with the help of slim drawers, open shelves and long hangers above the open space left to store suitcases and shoes to keep it handy. Draw the drape for some privacy or just to hide the closet behind it.

10. Walk-in closet tucked in a corner of the bedroom

Neatly organized closet made of glass doors and wooden drawers tucked in a corner of the bedroom thus making it a comfortable and functional walk-in closet right in your bedroom. The beauty of this closet is that it can be replicated conveniently in many homes.

11. Partition with the walk-in closet

The best design idea in interior decoration of a modern home is all about creating space for comfortable living. Instead of building an ordinary bedroom cabinet, one side of the walk-in closet is used to partition the bedroom and create a functional dressing room within the room.

12. Walk-in closet in the challenging area

Under the stairs space or under the slanting roof of the house is the most challenging areas of the home to utilize. But if designed smartly and creatively it can maximize the space utilization, especially in city homes where every inch matters. Take a clue from here and convert the challenging space of your home into a smart walk-in closet you always wanted to have.

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Which of these walk-in closet will find place in your home? We are waiting to hear from you.
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