The Grandeur of Paris under the Brazilian Sun

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Today, we will help you explore a Brazilian home which epitomises the classy beauty of Parisian design and decor. You will get to relish the elegance of balustrades and mouldings, sweeping stairways and mile high drapes, soothing colours and a play of murals. Ornate furniture and gilded accents will leave you impressed for sure.

This Sao Paulo residence – the Projeto Apartamento Classico Parisiense – is a stunning rendition of the French way of décor and design and has been rendered by Monica Spada Durante Arquitetura, architects from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The classic French design style that envelope this abode is nothing less than regal, but not overwhelming. Get ready to be inspired by the union of premium materials, interesting textures, vintage touches and scintillating ideas!

Steeped In Classic Luxury: The Living Room

The beautiful living room offers a sweeping view of the luxuries from the days of manor living. The beautiful heavy drapes stand out in their rich tones as the soothing patterned lamps hold fort. Art deco furniture like the gilded end tables and the rust-hued armchair, coexist pleasantly with the simple white sofa, calling out for a tray of cookies and a tea pot of steaming hot goodness.

An Inviting Entrance

Spaces like this dot the residence with their resplendent classic beauty. A patterned wall in faded gold and an ornate bureau sitting proudly underneath a gilded mirror is the stuff of fairy tales. And in this apartment, those fairy tales and happy endings seem right around the corner. The hardwood floor is also dressed up with a rich looking rug and a neo classical lamp hangs from its allotted stencilled circle on the ceiling.

Classic Lines in the Dining Room

The dining room takes off from where the living room left, with classic lines dominating the scenery here. The curved legs of the solid table and the chair backs, point to fine dining at its best as the white upholstery complement the dark, rich curtains. The chandelier lends a royal touch to the space.

Quiet Corners of Classic Style

Corners like these balance the opulent luxury of the rest of the home and offer a soothing seat for a quiet cup of tea where you can enjoy the beauty of the rising sun through the sheer curtains. A pretty lamp hangs overhead a simple looking breakfast table with a chair and a stool, and promises some solitude.

Comfort and Luxury Go Hand In Hand in the Bedroom

The bedroom has a classic layered effect. It brings in warmth, comfort and sophistication in equal measures, although luxury has the final say in the scheme of things in this room. The large bed with its pretty patterned spread is soothing, while the layers of drapes lets in light even as it creates an atmosphere that literally lulls you to sleep. A cosy armchair sits by the window, waiting for you to sink in. A plush rug and a bureau complete the décor.

A True Blue Classic Powder Room

The gorgeously wallpapered bathroom is a powder room like space that exudes a luxurious vibe. The old school, classical mirror makes you feel like royalty as an ornate chandelier with a shade hangs from the ceiling. A modern looking sink and faucet remind you of the era you are in, as the rest of the room basks in old world charm.

This truly is a home that could house classic love stories and tales of valour. The beautifully elegant and very French décor of this residence has a calming effect on the senses that makes you want to stay and enjoy a candle lit dinner and quaint luxuries from bygone days! Here is another home tour to inspire you further - An elegant home full of style!

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