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How to raise the value of your apartment before selling!

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So you have decided to sell off your apartment. As a seller, you really want to get the best price for the property, isn't it? Property prices, apart from other factors, mainly depend on supply and demand cues. Less the supply, more the price or more the demand, higher the price. Though some variables are out of control, like overall market condition or the economy in general, there are a few little things you can do in order to increase the perceived value of your apartment. How do you do that? Have a look at some of these brilliant tips on how you can stage your home to raise its value before selling. You are bound to benefit from some or all of these ideas.

General cleaning

Nobody likes to buy something that's not appealing to the eye, especially when it comes to property matters. First impression is almost always the last impression. So go ahead and give your apartment a thorough round of cleanup for a prospective sale to start on a positive note. A neat and tidy place surely exudes good energy. The first time, a prospective buyer enters the apartment, he/she must have a general feeling of cleanliness and clutter free ambiance.

Small repairs

Even though you are to leave the apartment soon, it's advisable to get small repairs done before you start showing your house to buyers. Tiny mending jobs which were probably ignored for a while or were never urgent, must not be overlooked anymore. A well-kept house will make it more appealing. A leaking faucet, chipped wall paint or cracked window frames; all such aspects, though not crucial, are details that go a long way in creating a general feeling of a well maintained house, therefore increasing its value.

Changing the arrangement of space

If you are still living in the house, it makes sense to create a sense of more space by rearranging your furniture. When an apartment is furnished, it may not always be to the liking of a prospective buyer and therefore he/she may not be able to judge the apartment in a positive way. By changing the arrangement of space, people can visualise different decor plus get a good idea about the total available area of the house.

Selection of accessories

Accessories are a great way to add some chutzpah in your apartment. Get those pretty frames lying in the attic and arrange them on a signature wall or change the cushion covers to a vibrant color. Flowers and indoor plants are excellent choices when it comes to visually lifting the place up. Think of your home as a stage and do all things possible to turn it to a pretty stage.


Lighting can never be over emphasised. Correct lighting can make or break the look of your house. If the apartment receives abundant natural light, try and highlight that aspect to every buyer. Natural light not only freshens up the house, it also helps save a lot on power consumption. Light up the darker corners and lobby by installing bulbs/LEDs and brighten up those spots. Spotlights above paintings and dining area will create a stylish look and if you have concealed lighting on the ceiling and near the floor, make sure they are working and leave no opportunity to show them off.

Right decoration

In all of this, do not forget to decorate your house before inviting people to have a look. Lay down a nice rug on the floor, a bright painting perhaps on the wall and some greens for a nice fresh energy. Right decoration will go a long way in staging a perfect house intended to be sold. However be careful about not overdoing it. Just add small touches here and there. Too much of accessories, strong colors or too much stuff could make the apartment look claustrophobic; a definite a downer when it comes to selling the place.

When trying to stage the house prior to selling, think as a buyer. What would you look for in a house? Would you like it as good as new or a dark, dingy old place? Show off the best of what your apartment has to offer and highlight the strong aspects in every way. A little investment in terms of time and energy will help raise the value of your house to buyers, so go ahead and start staging.

What more can you do to increase the value of your apartment before selling? Share your ideas.

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