How to add traditional elements into a modern home in India

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When it comes to deciding on a style for a modern home in India, not everyone wants an ultra-modern design that is minimalist to the point of being stark. Most homeowners like to infuse a few elements or features that showcase their family tradition and culture. India is a potpourri of several cultures. Therefore, when you are looking for traditional Indian home decorating ideas that will blend with the modern style, you can be sure to find at least a few elements that suit the overall design theme of your house.

When you meet your interior designer or architect to review the drawings for the project, make sure you communicate your desire to include traditional elements and mention some of the ethnic Indian home décor ideas that you’ve seen in magazines or other houses, which you would like to copy. The professional will not only advise you on whether a specific element will look good in your house but can also modify a feature to make it suit the style of your home.

To help you to gather a few decor ideas, in today’s article, we present a few traditional elements that will look stunning in your home.  

1. Traditional motifs in a modern home in India

Glass Ceiling using Printed Lacquered Glass. DEEJOS Interiors Pvt Ltd Modern style bedroom Glass ceiling
DEEJOS Interiors Pvt Ltd

Glass Ceiling using Printed Lacquered Glass.

DEEJOS Interiors Pvt Ltd

Handprinted Indian fabrics are a rage worldwide, and they never go out of style. A simple way to bring in a bit of tradition into a modern home is by furnishing or decorating it with traditional motifs. They can feature as wall decals, table and bed linen or on cushion covers in the living room. For homeowners looking for Indian home décor ideas on a budget, the simplest solution to blend traditional and modern design is through furnishings.

Wallpaper with an ethnic print is another excellent solution for adding a touch of tradition to modern houses, and it can be a cost-effective element when looking at interior design ideas for small Indian homes, which don’t have too much wall area that needs covering.  

2. Traditional art for beautiful Indian home interiors

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The D'zine Studio

3BHK luxurious apartment with spacious terrace

The D'zine Studio

Even in the most modern house, a splash of colour can create a stunning contrast, and you don’t need to restrict yourself to choosing modern art. Traditional Indian art is exquisite, presenting an excellent choice for decorating the walls of your living room or bedroom. However, take care not to overdo it by using too many pieces. Make sure that you keep it simple with a single painting to create a focal point in the room. Alternatively, you can consider hanging an old carpet or dhurrie with traditional motifs on the wall to decorate the room.

For the outdoor areas such as terraces and patios, murals with traditional folk art can give your modern house in India a charming and memorable feature.  

3. Carved wood or stone elements in a modern house in India

Residential Project - NRI Complex, Navi Mumbai, Dezinebox Dezinebox Modern style doors

Residential Project—NRI Complex, Navi Mumbai


There’s nothing to prevent you from getting an antique carved stone pillar or a door even for a modern home. You can get creative by using it to separate spaces in an open plan room by placing a carved column in between the living room and the dining area. In a modern farmhouse or bungalow, stone or wood pillars can be used to support the roof over the patio or veranda.

Wood or stone carved artefacts needn’t be restricted to large houses. In small apartments or homes, you can use smaller pieces to decorate the walls or shelves to bring a rustic look to a modern home. When you are looking for ideas, if you can’t find any other place to incorporate a traditional element, use a beautiful hand-carved wooden partition to hide away the dining room from the living area or install an antique wooden door at the front entrance to present a stunning contrast to the modernity within the home.  

4. Traditional interior design ideas – Indian style furniture

Handcrafted wood furniture is something to treasure. If well-cared for, it can last for several decades and can even be passed down to the next generation. For those who love antique furniture, buying a few pieces for a modern house in India serves not only as an investment but also as a creative solution for infusing a bit of tradition into the home. Wooden furniture comes in an array of choices, and even a single element in each room can successfully achieve the goal of blending the old with the new. A four-poster bed in the master bedroom, a planter’s chair in the living room or veranda, a carved bar cabinet or sideboard in the dining room are among the ideas for adding a traditional design with the help of furniture.  

5. Last but not the least – traditional décor accessories for a modern home in India

Mantri Webcity, Duplex 3 BHK - Mr. Vishal, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Modern living room

Mantri Webcity, Duplex 3 BHK—Mr. Vishal


Accessories are the greatest ally for decorating houses as they come in a wide range of designs, sizes and shapes to suit every budget. A Kashmiri carpet on the living room floor will look perfect even in an ultra-modern house.

In most Indian homes, the pooja room is one area where tradition remains, so if you have a small apartment, place the pooja unit or mandir in a spot where it can be seen from the living area. Besides this, one can find hundreds of ethnic décor accessories online or in stores. When purchasing an accessory that catches your eye, think about where in your house you will place it and ensure that it will enhance rather than distract from the overall look of the room. Statues, brass lamps, wooden boxes and other accessories can be arranged on shelves or the top of sideboards or cabinets to bring a traditional element into a modern home in India.

While it’s easy to find traditional décor accessories or furniture for the house, not every item may be suitable for a specific room or area. When in doubt, it’s best to consult a qualified interior designer for ideas and suggestions on elements that are perfect for your house.


Which of these ideas will you use in your modern home? Leave your response in the comments.

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