Ingenious stairs: this is the way to add life to them

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London domestic staircase, Stair Factory Stair Factory Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
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In a perfect world, anyone would be able to simply teleport to the location of their choice in less than a second. Unfortunately, today's advancements in technology is not quite there yet. Until teleportation is possible, people will have to go from one floor to another using the good old staircase. 

While going up the stairs, it is always nice to have something nice to look at or to be climbing the staircase while being surrounded in a stylish decor. The stairs should not be forgotten when it comes to home decoration and design. A few additions can make a world of difference for the stairs which makes the act of going from one floor to another a pleasant journey. Styling up the stairs is possible by following a few decorating tips. The following ideas can be implemented in any home to revive the overall look of the staircase.

Indirect lighting

London domestic staircase Stair Factory Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
Stair Factory

London domestic staircase

Stair Factory

Stairs can be somewhat of an accident zone, where a person can misstep or slide off. That is why adequate lighting is of the most importance for stairs in terms of security. There are a few options available to shine some light on the staircase and also to add a stylish twist to this area of the home.

One lighting options consists of hanging elegant lamps that will throne over the entire staircase, making sure every step is lit. After choosing a stylish lamp and hanging it above the staircase, the overall look will be revived. Another solution is shown in the image here where there is a beautiful construction of wooden slats that plays with the natural sunlight coming through a nearby window. Playing with the natural light will bring a delightful light show into the home because the light will move on the walls around the staircase as the sun travels from east to west.

Interior garden

For plant lovers and those who appreciate a little greenery in their home, using the space beneath the stairs can result in the perfect interior garden location. The current image is a wonderful example of how to use the space below the stairs and add a splash of vibrant colour to the room. A few potted plants have been placed underneath the stairs to recreate an interior garnering space. This area is full of green life and always a beneficial addition to any home. Before leaving plants under the stairs, one must observe if there is light that travels to the place where the plants are since every plants needs daily sunlight. A large plant or a few flowering plants will greatly improve the air quality of the room and the atmosphere. For those who like the dash of green in their flat but that don't always have to time to water plants, using artificial plants will give the same effect as the one shown in the image here. 

Pictures on the wall

Every home shelters the private world of a family or friends living together as a unit. This can explain why pictures of family and friends hang proudly all homes. One of the best spots to hang pictures of loved ones is by the stairs. The reason for that is very simple: going up the stairs becomes an enjoyable activity because images of people that are held dear to the household punctuate the climb up to the next level. 

Meaningful artwork and pictures can also be hung by the stairs or underneath it as shown in the current image. The inspiration for this picture is centered around using the space available under the staircase for storage by using a buffet and by hanging colourful picture frames. There can also be a clock or a mirror hung in that space to add a decorative input. For more ideas on how to use the space below the stairs click here.

Useful decoration

When the space beneath the stairs cannot be used because it is closed shut as shown in the image here, there is a way to heighten the overall look. That is by adding decorative objects that can also serve a useful purpose. The image here is of a very creative design where hangers in the shape of party balloons have been installed on the wall of the staircase. These colourful additions liven up the space as well as help organise the household by offering a solution to hang coats and jackets. Many other types of hangers can be installed there if balloons are not preferred. A narrow bookshelf can also be installed as long as there is enough space. A collection of scarves can also be hung there to add a lively splash of colour. This design has been made possible by Creativando Srl.

Letters up the stairs

A great inexpensive way to decorate the stairs is to write something on them. With every step a new set of words is offered. One can chose a favourite citation or passage of a preferred author to mark on the stairs, leaving the wise words for all to see and admire. Another option is to write the name of every family member onto the stairs or even to write life goals so that they are remembered every time a person goes up the stairs. The advantage of having letters to decorate the stairs is that most of them are not permanent markings which can be changed as often as one prefers. Lettering can also be engraved on the stairs for a permanent sighting. An important message can now be a part of the home's world with letters on the stairs clarifying the values of the household.


The space below the stairs is an area that can be used to create an intimate and comfortable setting. Every little square meter of space available is always a welcomed addition to a home especially in flats or houses that have a restricted amount of allotted space. 

A reading or lounging area can be included under the stairs as shown in the image here. What makes this space special is that curtains have been installed for an intimate and cosy atmosphere. This space is a recluse and quiet area that can serve as a safe haven or a place to relax for a breather after a long day's work. Curtains can easily be hung from the stairs to isolate this charming lounging corner.

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