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15 Pooja room design ideas for your home

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The positive reverberation of chants, the peaceful aroma of incense, the sound of conch and the chime of bell; in many Indian homes the day starts with morning prayer filling the home with positive energy and calming effect. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peaceful pooja room in your home where you can be with yourself, to rejuvenate, meditate and pray, calming the mind and soul? Here are 15 pooja room design ideas for you, exclusive, minimal, functional… but all are peaceful to attain tranquility. Have a look! 

1. Pooja room on the wall

When space is a luxury, all we need is our imagination to convert the isolated wall into the most respected pooja space. Two suspended same size cabinets with statues of God, shelves in steps connecting them holds the statue of Radha-Krishan and holy cow and the serenity of diffused yellow light, this pooja space is built to be the focal point of the home.

2. Minimalist pooja room

A built-in pooja room is a product of much design thought to build a pious space for prayer in urban home. Nestled in the side of a wall unit; the sleek and shiny pooja space is enough for devotion.

3. Separate pooja room

A separate pooja room is alluring especially in modern homes where creating space for pooja is a challenge. It’s a clever design idea which has converted a niche into a dedicated pooja space complete with wooden and jaali door at the entrance.

4. A niche named pooja room

Housed in the niche, this traditional pooja space is extremely modern with wooden wall at the back, hanging diya and temple bell and a stone box which doubles up to hold the stone statue and lamp over it and as storage for pooja essentials.  

5. Pure and pristine pooja room

Compact and simple, this pooja space cut in a wall unit oozes positive vibe and tranquility. The simplicity in design is enthralling and perfect for modern homes. 

6. Standalone pooja room

It’s a replica of traditional marble temple in pristine white with intricate carving all through it, reverberates positive vibe all around it.  Standing on two pillars the temple even has open shelf to store pooja essentials.  

7. Customized pooja room

A custom made colourful and vibrant pooja room replicates the small village temples of India. It invokes a positive energy with its exquisite and elaborate design with colourful picture of Radha-Krishna on the back wall and many small images and statues on the temple floor. Golden pillar and auspicious hanging torans completes the look of the pooja room.  

8. Creative and warm pooja room

The creative designed wooden back panel brings in warmth and style and with its subtle design makes it an elegant pooja room. The clean and uncluttered feel of the space enchants and invites for some peaceful meditation.  

9. Dedicated pooja room

The space between two rooms is designed to be the dedicated place for prayer and meditation. Glass doors with wooden drawers holds the pictures of God and Goddess with a large peacock feather painted on the wall and niches lit in yellow.

10. Golden hue of pooja room

Golden hue of the pooja door looks rich and traditional and spreads positive energy around. To give the pooja room more authentic feel a lone image of Goddess Durga with a hanging bell is kept just outside the temple door. 

11. Lavish pooja room

This dedicated space in the dining room is designed for prayer and meditation and for some quite moments with the inner shelf. Auspicious OM and chants are painted on the back-lit wall for pious feel. The intricately designed golden pooja doors blends with the luxurious interior of the dining room.

12. Serene pooja room

Natural shade and rustic feel of the wooden stand holding the idol, subtle shade of the wall and delicate curtains secluding it from the rest of the place makes it a peaceful and serene pooja room. 

13. Functional pooja room

Nestle in a corner of the room, shelves and drawers in white with wood at the back wall joins to make a simple and functional pooja room perfect for small homes. Different from the traditional temples available in markets, this modern temple will merge with the interior of modern homes.

14. Purity of pooja room

Neutral and simple, dimly lit by hanging lamps and diyas with natural stone and marble statues, this pooja room exudes warmth and elegance with its simplicity. It feels like the room is especially designed to spread calmness after the humdrum of everyday life.

15. Contemporary pooja room

A chic pooja room designed to match with the contemporary interior of the home blends with the style but still maintains its significance with confined and secluded feel in the dining room. 

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Which one of these pooja room designs you liked the best? We are waiting to hear from you.

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