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Cool ways to display your photos at home

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Photographs on a wall are a personal peek into someone's life. While a lot of people like to showcase their personality and lives on their walls, these often end up in the form of boring photographs in a black or white frame arranged neatly in rows in some corridor or corner. Do you want to spice things up? Do you want to share some photographs on a wall, but in a fun innovative way? Well look no further. Here are 6 cool ways to display your photos at home.


Yes you read that right. Trays. Display your photos on trays, by either pasting the photos on a round, square or rectangular tray; or get the photos printed on a plastic tray and flaunt it on your wall. You can even use old empty mirror frames and fit some photos in them to create an interesting photo wall like the one here. A coloured feature wall will help the ornate frames or plates to stand out more and garner more attention on your lovely photos.

Colourful and taped frames

Another simple yet innovative way to display your photos in style, is to use bright colourful frames on a white, cream or light coloured wall. And these needn't always be wooden frames, they can be made of plastic or metal. You can even give your old boring black or white frames a makeover, by pasting colourful tape on it neatly, or tape photos with colourful tape directly on your walls if you are okay with spoiling the wall paint a bit.

Faded rustic frames

Do you want to bring in a earthy rustic touch to your photographs? Well using rustic wooden frames with faded paint on it, like the one's here designed by PHOTOCIRCLE will do the trick perfectly. If you already have a unpainted brick or stone wall at home, faded wooden frames will just help to enhance the rustic country feel of it.

Clip photos on wires or twines

If you are looking for a simple, hassle free, fun way to display some photos at home, clipping them on rows of wires or twines is a great option. Friendly on the pocket, and requiring very little time, all you have to do is print out a bunch of colourful photographs, tie a few wires or twines parallely and clip these photos on these wires or twines with bright paper clips. You can even alternate between photos and other curios like the stuffed cotton clouds here

Hang em on hangers

Another DIY option of flaunting your pics, is to clip them on hangers and display it on a wall. You can opt for simple wooden frames like here, or opt for more funky colourful hangers in quirky designs. If your hangers are too eye catching opt for neutral black and white pics, while to enliven simple everyday hangers use colourful pics.

Fridge magnets

Finally, a really fun way to flaunt your photos in style, is to turn them into fridge magnets and showcase them on your fridge. You can get your photo printed on a magnet, or just use a photo frame with a magnet to display them on your fridge. If you have a lot of photographs in basic white or black frames and aren't allowed to drill pins into your walls, you can showcase them on shelves like this. If you want to stick to a wall, here are 6 ideas for a stunning photo wall.

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