Interior designs with bright colours and simplistic designs from a Mumbai home

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Subramanium Residence (Mulund) Bluearch Architects & Interiors Modern style bedroom Plywood Wood effect
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The interiors of a home have to match an individual’s tastes and preferences. This is what makes a home unique and distinctive in its style. The interior designers and decorators of Bluearch Architects & Interiors, Mumbai have used interesting ideas and simplistic designs here. Bright and vibrant colours combined with a few traditional elements combine fluidly to give a home that is elegant and stylish. Clever and smart design also ensures that space has been used optimally.

Simplistic style

A textured panel forms the background for the TV while a simplistic yet stylish storage area provides balance to the design. Wooden beams in the ceiling give a traditional yet creative look to the plain ceiling. The colours used and the sheer drapes used in the room work very well to give a soft and comfortable look. 

Well-defined space

This living room has an equal emphasis on style and comfort. The sectional sofa that extends from one end of the room to the other completes the design. The white sofa has been contrasted with wonderfully soft and luxurious cushions which contribute an elegant look.

Perfect contrast of colours

A different look offers a closer view of the wonderful contrasts that have been used in this space. The wood beams have been repeated in another part of the room to provide balance. A soft rug in a darker shade brings the softer and more subtle colours together effortlessly. A lovely subtle off-white colour has been used for the wall behind the sofa to provide a delicate contrast.

Charming Kitchen

One of the first things that your notice in the kitchen is the play of colours. Using red is not as easy as it can easily overwhelm any space. Yet, it looks magical and inspiring here. Against the natural light, this kitchen seems vibrant and exciting.

Parallel kitchen

Using a combination of translucent and red doors, the designers have balanced the bold colour quite well. A large cabinet on one side of the kitchen provides pantry space for the homeowners. The large window brings in natural light and air making it easy to work in this space. A wonderful chequered panel of wall tiles just brings the entire look together.

Modern study desk

This is a wonderful room that can be used as a guest room when needed while it can also serve the purpose of being a home office. The study desk that sits in one corner has a modern and contemporary look. A sofa-cum-bed sits on one side of the room which makes the room spacious and functional.

Charming bedroom

This is an impressive room as it looks sophisticated, stylish and comfortable all at the same time. The rich combination of a deep, dark and elegant wood along with the softer colours on the wall is charming. Read another story – The Makeover of an Unbecoming Living Room.

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