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Vibrant interior design ideas by architects in New Delhi

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Designing the interiors has a lot to do with your tastes in design; a personal sense of style and what you would like around your home. While accomplishing this may not be difficult, having the expertise of professionals such as architects of Even Sights Architects from New Delhi can make it easy and effortless. The wonderful thing about their ideas is the variety of textures, colours, patterns, and elements that make each room distinct and unique.

Grey Elegance

The focal point in this room has to be the lovely marble floor. Everything else seems to revolve around it. The lovely grey wall which extends just above the sofas creates the perfect unusual look.

Charming Ceiling

False ceilings are a wonderful way to add drama to your interiors. Here, you can see a pattern that resembles the alphabet ‘I’. The fans and the lights are perfectly accentuated thanks to this lovely design.

Pleasing living room

This is an amazing room featuring some of the coolest textures to give you a space that is exciting and charming. The patterns on the wall; the simplistic backsplash for the TV; the wood insets in the ceiling add to the beauty of this room. An elongated shelf sits below the TV making it the perfect TV unit.

Wonderful design

This is another example of a well-designed space. As you can see the ceiling features some contrasting colours and lovely patterns. As you switch the light on, it is bound to throw up some amazing patterns and shapes. This is a small yet complete space as the dining area features extra seating space in the form of a sofa and an elongated ottoman. The only contrasting element here seems to be the tiled accent wall at the far end of the room.

Luxurious bedroom

Creams, browns, and off-whites are the perfect colours for a bedroom. It not only spells comfort but you can create a luxurious and royal look easily. Here, the bed has been positioned perfectly while the pattern on the wall creates a fantastic look for the room. Using heavy drapes in contrasting tones, the designers have coordinated the look very well.

Unusual false ceiling pattern

The lovely lighter shade of blue in the ceiling keeps the design subtle and stylish. The central lighting adjoined by fans has been inserted into square patches which feature a simplistic and modest design.

Stylish kitchen

Black kitchens are truly charming and sensational. It oozes confidence, style, and sophistication. The deep, dark black colour has been broken up by the wall tiles which have a lovely contrasting pattern. The false ceiling is also perfectly in line with the overall design. Making sure that there is sufficient lighting, the false ceiling features an array of accent lights.

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