Want to build your own brick barn. Here is how.

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Barns are large agricultural buildings built as a storage place especially in farms where livestock is housed and equipment, fodder and grain have to be stored. The word barn came into being as it was primarily used to store barley in olden days. Barns were built using different kinds of materials depending on what it was being used for.

Building a brick barn on your own is not an easy task. Depending on the place and budget, a brick structure can be built using available materials. Before beginning to build, it is important to check whether any building permit is required in the area where the barn is going to be built. Decide on the place, and then measure the length and breadth of the area. The place has to be leveled, and debris should be cleared. Once the place has been cleared and a plan has been made as to the size and the number of rooms, doorways and windows, the foundation can be laid. Planning is important when it comes to getting the work done quickly and efficiently. Once the plans are in place and the materials have been bought, it is possible to build the barn easily without any great difficulty.

​Choosing the right place

The barn can be built anywhere in the property provided the necessary permits have been obtained from the city or municipal authority. The larger the shed, the permits are imperative. The barn can be an outdoor shed or close to the homestead, it can be used to store farm equipment or a plain storage shed. The place should be leveled and should be able to house a barn that would be a convenient storage place. The place should be cleaned of debris and should be cleaned well before beginning to build the base of the barn.

​Choosing the right design

The design of the barn should depend on the size of the plot and the storage space needed. The number of rooms can be planned as to what the space is going to be used for. The number of windows and doors can be decided depending on the items that are going to be stored in the barn. After deciding on the design it is important to choose the right brick. There are traditional bricks that are handmade and the modern fabricated bricks. They are the ideal choice for building the barn and these bricks have great aesthetic appeal. The building can be teamed with contemporary windows which makes a stunning contrast with the handmade bricks and tiles.

​Constructing the frame step by step

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Fourways ML—The Brick Panels

Brick panels, Brick panels corners, Accessories

Fourways ML - The Brick Panels

Building a barn involves a lot of pre-planning. It is also important to hire good professional help as it is difficult to find solutions to problems without their expertise. Given below are the steps to follow while constructing the barn.

· Write down the big picture. Imagine what the barn is going to be used for. Articulate these thoughts with the builder so that he could also suggest ideas on how to bring the ideas to fruition.

·Think about the movement in the barn. For instance, if it is a horse barn, think in terms of horses moving in and out. Owners tacking, tying and riding horses. Guests entering and exiting. Vehicles to move about easily.

·Expansion for a later day. When planning to build the barn, it is important to plan for expansion at a later date. An expert may be able to help save money to plan for the barn by accommodating all the current and future needs.

·Permits and legal issues should be taken care of immediately. Even neighborly issues have a chance to escalate and turn into legal disputes soon.

Preparation of the base

First the frame of the barn has to be fixed in the right size and proportion. After scraping off surface vegetation, a compacted hardcore concrete has to be poured for about 100 mm. Lay bricks after this leaving gaps for fluids to drain out. It should be level and square. Front concrete pathway should be slightly away from the building to avoid stagnation during heavy rains. It is also important to use a damp proof weathering course on top of the brickwork. A well finished concrete with single layer of bricks is sufficient for the panels to sit on.

​Mounting the wooden beams frame

A wooden beams frame will provide a solid construction platform for the barn. The main features of this would be a simple bolt framework. It should be termite protected and should meet the structural requirements of the building. Every piece of timber is precision cut and is right to build on a concrete or raised slab. Wooden frames are light and will allow for quick construction.

Installation and construction of roof trusses

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Sítio da Lezíria

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Once the wooden frames are in places, the roof has to be installed. The roof can be of any material, metal, slate or tiles or shingles. Shingles protect sloping rooftops from the effect of rain and snow and it also looks attractive. A solid roofing layer will help avoid water damage and leaks. It is hard work to lay the shingles but the final product is rewarding. And that's how you get to build your own barn!

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