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Glossy finishes and quirky shapes are a mark of modern design that has successfully made the transition from retro to metro. Retro design from the Seventies essentially sought to bring in pops of colour and cool shapes that were usually not the norm in any design school before that. The metro school of design went ahead to tame these retro lines into a more linear, minimalistic canvas that would bring in a soothing colour palette and one understated colour. This residence is a perfect example where both meet for a beautifully elegant look. The Mock up Apartment for Salarpuria Sattva in Bangalore makes use of both schools of design and the design team at DepanacheInterior Architects ensure that a unique look has been achieved in the process. Let’s talk a walk around this space to know more!

White and Gold in the Living Room

The living room is a visually stunning space that brings together white and gold. The gold accent wall adds a slick sheen of style to the entire design gamut here. The quirky shapes suspended from the ceiling look like larger than life stencils that house the lighting and make for a stunning focal point of sorts. An entertainment sits on one wall to cater to the urban needs of compact homes while two red chairs in a quirky tulip shape offer respite from the pristine whiteness of the space.

The Dining Room: Home Fashion at its Zenith

The play of style and shapes is unparalleled in this area. The dining room is a vision in white and the strong supporting cast here is the impeccable and glorious lighting that marks the various shapes and elements used. The simple white moulded glossy table is given company by cream coloured chairs, while niches in the structured and textured wall offer a play of light. The same suspended giant stencils with their lighting follow us here too for a visually wow effect.

The Stunning Bedroom

The beautiful gold hued bedroom with its champagne coloured walls offers an understated yet elegant feel. The matching gold drapes ground the entire room while the white stencilled art on the headboard makes for an interesting talking point. The white and gold bedding has pretty fuchsia cushions to set off a glamourous vibe. A rug underneath completes the look.

Red and White: A Stylish Bedroom

Now here’s a bedroom that sets the stage for some light hearted yet passionate fun. The overall white canvas remains while red makes a beautiful entry. A round bed set in the centre of the room makes for a dramatic look while a petal chair in the corner looks on. The white rug has a dusting of gold to add to the overall glamour, while the white closets stand regally against their allotted wall. Cube shaped oversized lamps have been suspended from the ceiling to bring out the play of the layers. Red and gold niches behind the velvet headboard make for interesting touches.

Chic and Soothing: A Teal and Grey Bedroom

Now that’s some serious style! This bedroom takes the chic quotient a few notches upwards with its life size floral patterned art behind the bed as well as the circular white bed. A petal chair in teal sits in a corner, looking dainty. The play of grey and teal has been broken by a pollen like mustard which keeps spring alive in this space!

Modern Day Luxe Land

This bedroom will transport you to the land of future luxury. The stencilled lamps are suspended by neat cables and they cast a glow over the gold and white bedroom to highlight the wonderfully moulded art installation on the wall behind the bed. Glossy good looks and a well conceptualised theme for each room is what sets this home apart. This home brings in the future of luxury and ensures that the simplicity takes your breath away!

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