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According to market research smart technology is improving every aspect of our lives; no wonder our homes are also inspired by this technology of automated systems. A smart home is all about connectivity; you can think of it as a nervous system, and each and every part of it is controlled by a brain which can either be your laptop, smart phone or tablet. But you have to remember that a lot of this technology is in its trial period; as of now you can at best control your AC, your lighting, security system and your thermostat. But users have realized the benefits of a smart home, and hence they are keen to have a convenient and sustainable living condition.

What is the best way to manage the electrical equipment in my house?

Automation System Control Inspire Audio Visual Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Inspire Audio Visual

Automation System Control

Inspire Audio Visual

In order to have a smart home, the first thing that you need is an extremely stable and sound Wi-Fi system. The home can only be smart when the internet connection works flawlessly. As mentioned earlier, it is like the brain which controls and manages everything. Unless the brain functions properly, you simply cannot expect the entire system to run smoothly. Before you manage electrical equipment at home, you need to learn a few simple things about energy management. It is the process of managing, controlling, monitoring and most importantly conserving energy within the house. The first thing that you need to do is meter your energy consumption and collect the data. Try to understand the areas where you can save energy by quantifying routine energy waste. And using smart technology can actually help you in major energy management. 

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Home media in an intelligent edition

No smart home is actually complete without a proper audio video system. If you plan to build a separate entertainment or recreation zone, you need the best speakers, the right television and AV components which will make movie viewing a worthwhile experience! From in-wall speakers to soundbars to in-ceiling speakers, to multi-zone audio system and subwoofers – you will need everything to create the perfect entertainment zone in the house. There are people who prefer to be connected even when they are on the go. A portable Bluetooth speaker or a nice headphone can do the trick for you. And to control all this, you will simply need an IR repeater, so that you can use the remote control to operate each and every AV component.

Everything under control in a smart house

Smart phones are becoming incredibly popular because of two reasons; convenience and security. Just imagine a house where everything is under control. The automated system will gently lift the blinds and illuminate the side of the bed with just one touch. Now you can wake up without even disturbing your partner and step into a pre-heated bathroom. And while you are on the shower, the TV turns on with the morning news, without you fumbling for a remote. Everything is so effortlessly integrated, that at times it is hard to believe this new-age technology. Even when you are on a vacation, everything in your house is within reach. Review your security cameras to ensure that everything in the house is safe and sound. Or if you have left the children with their nanny, you can keep an eye on them without being physically present.

A more economic approach to lifestyle

Not all smart home technologies are expensive. There are products which may cost thousands of dollars; but there are start-up kits which are less expensive. The kits and plug-in gadgets can be perfect companions for your smartphones. The initial investment for smart homes can be more than normal installation of electrical equipment. But at the end of the day, it will save you a lot of money. As you can monitor the entire system, it is easier to identify the areas where you can reduce water and energy wastage. Moreover smart systems are equipped to anticipate expensive home repairs before they become absolutely essential. Like, if you are staying in a place which is humid and experiences cold winters and torrid monsoons, your home may have issues related to mold and moisture. It is your smart technology which will be able to detect the problem and notify you before everything goes out of control.

Increasing the security of the house

When one builds a home, the first thing that comes to the mind is the security and protection of near and dear ones. Most smart homes have a central security system which controls the locks and monitors the doors and windows. They are well-synchronized with your smartphones, so that you can manage each and every part of the house effectively without even being physically present. You can easily monitor the security features of your home, even when you are not there. Home cameras are also an integral part of your home security. You can install them and view whatever is happening in your home and your surroundings. Make your garage doors and main door secure with smartphone-controlled security system.

Reduction of daily household duties

Well, the best part of smart homes is that your household duties are decreased considerably. No more waking up half an hour early to turn on the switch to heat the bathroom. Thanks to the internet, now it is easy to control any electric appliance at your home. Forget about getting up in the morning, and sleepily heading towards the kitchen for your first cup of coffee. You can set the timer and all you need to do is activate the system, so that the coffee brews while you are in the shower. Think of a typical weekend; you look at the laundry and start dreading the chores at hand. But your woes will be short-lived if you have a highly-functional washing machine which can determine the kind of wash, rinse and spin depending on how you set the dials. If you have a natural-gas powered heating system which operates centrally, then you will have the thermostat which will switch on and off according to the room temperature. 

Installation of smart devices

There are actually two kinds of smart homes: the DIY (do-it-yourself) system and the second one needs technical expertise. A lot of people actually like the DIY kind because they are simple, and plug-and-play systems like X-10 are easy to operate. A net-connected system is controlled either by your smartphone, tablet or laptop and has an interface which can be operated and accessed over the web. What you can do is get an X-10 home computer kit which comprises a module, an interface cable which can be connected to the computer and some useful software. With this software, you will have a graphical representation of all the devices and appliances and you can simply turn on/off patterns for a day or a week or even a month. It is possible to create macros so that your devices and appliances follow a particular sequence at a certain time of the day.

Smart homes offer futuristic living; they make life easy, secured and convenient. Home automation systems in fact make a lot of difference to the quality of your lifestyle. Most importantly, it also reduces energy wastage and inspires eco-friendly living. 

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