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A splendid villa full of luxury

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3W Arquitetura Modern pool
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A gentle breeze blowing in from one side, rustling the curtains and soothing the blades of grass in the scorching heat. Azure blue shades of water, rippling quietly in a pool outside, waiting for you to take a dip. A clear sky above with lush greenery around you. That’s the charm of a holiday. Isn’t it true that we all try to relive the good times that we have had – be it during vacations, or over a relaxing weekend that may have languidly stretched on in a soothing getaway with pretty environs. That same vibe follows you home in the Mostra Casa e Cia Serra – a villa built by 3W Arquitetura, famed architects in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. So come take a walk with us and find out more!

An imposing facade

The home’s imposing façade meets its match with lots of lush green outdoors that literally embrace the home from all sides. The greenery ensures that the warm, idyllic charm remains a staple throughout the estate. The villa itself is a lofty structure made of clean, straight lines with layered parapets and multi level terraces. Metal railing and solid-looking pillars complete the look to make it a luxurious-looking structure, perfect for a holiday.

Expansive Verandahs and Open Vistas

One of the things that stands out about this pretty home is the expansive verandahs that flanks it from the sides. These verandahs can be reached through the large glass doors that lie on all sides of the home. In fact, the huge glass doors and windows sit pretty on literally every wall of the structure, letting in natural light and throwing open the doors to outdoor fun! Lush shades of green dot the seemingly never ending landscape that surrounds the home. Tall palms and well-groomed gardens make an appearance in whichever direction your eye may wander, which creates a relaxing mood.

A luxuriously built pool

What’s a holiday without a pool to take a dip in and soak up some much needed sunshine? The pool of this home comes into plain view as you take a walk around the property. And it’s a true luxury.

Constructed in two levels with a part of the stone deck extending to a space carved out between these two levels, this swimming eye is a view for sore eyes and a place for tired souls. The effect is as mesmerising as it is inviting. Reclining beach chairs lie on this oasis of sorts as an outdoor bed lies to one side. Beach chairs line the verandah too and hardwood lines the decks. The rattan couches make for cosy outdoor meals while the balcony on top is suspended over pillars for a truly fun effect! Plenty of lighting highlights the various corners of the property and its grounds.

A beautiful view and a relaxing vibe

The view from the pool goes on and on over miles of beautiful, unhindered natural surroundings. Stone tiles mark the sides of the two tiers and comfortable sit outs ensure that you can enjoy the water even when you do not want to get you feet wet. Our favourite part about this space is the way the lighting literally lifts it. Further, the exotic looking yellow stone tile adds a pop of colour to the otherwise blue and white dominated space, and creates a kitschy look. The steps going into the pool have also been done up with a blue and white tile, with one step extending all around the lower tier to accommodate a pool party. You can soak and enjoy a drink with friends and watch the sunset as you do so! The rattan lounger is also perfect for lazy evenings after dinner and its white linen curtains offer a luxurious feel.

This home is a study in all things relaxing and luxurious, which makes for a resort like vibe. The constant holiday-like fun factor is one that translates into linear architectural qualities for a no fuss look even as the pool and beautiful verandahs create an open feel.

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