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A rustic style can be identified from objects, furniture and decorative elements with a Nature theme in mind. This means that the colour tones will tend towards earthy shades such as brown, beige, green, red and stone grey. These colours are predominantly found in Nature and  they have a comforting tint that can be a reminder of living in a forest or out in the wild. The rustic style is also associated with commonly found materials in Nature such as stone, wood and leather. These material types are used for the construction of a barn or a cabin in the woods. The rustic style caters to the idea of living harmoniously with Nature; a simple, yet fulfilling life.

As for the modern style, it is quite common to associate it to urban and fast paced life that requires efficient and contemporary living quarters. The modern style is composed of sleek lines, uninterrupted surfaces, angular shapes and a minimalist decor. The colour choice of the modern style can be of any tint of the colour spectrum. The materials used for this style can vary and they are usually composed of types created during the modern era such as steel, concrete, pressed, wood, laminate and glass.

The current ideabook is based on the idea of combining two styles that, at first, may seem miles apart in their appearance. The combination of two different styles can create a result that transforms the home into an inviting safe harbour. The best of both worlds are joined and both styles bring out the beauty of one another.

Soaring ceiling

In a barn or any building that was constructed more than a hundred years ago, the ceilings would generally rise quite high. That idea was kept in mind when designing the room shown in the current picture. Ornate wooden cathedral ceilings are a stunning addition to this home which are a clear identifier of the rustic style. By using the warm chestnut coloured wood for the ceiling and stairs, this home resembles a barn. 

The modern twist is observed with the inclusion of sleek straight lines of the walls and beams, as well as the contemporary furniture and electronic devices such as the television and home theatre system. Both styles are normally very different but combining them together renders a harmonious and stylish decor for the home. Having soaring ceilings can cater to both the modern and the rustic style.


For the bathroom, to combine rusticity and modernity, the decor must contain certain elements proper to both respective decor styles. The image of the current bathroom is the ideal example of how these styles a joined harmoniously. 

The rounded wooden logs of the walls are those that are usually found in rustic cabins in forests. The colour choice of chocolate brown of the furniture and walls is also a rustic style indicator. The modern approach lies with the elegant white porcelain bathtub included into this bathroom. At first, both styles may seem opposite, but when combined together, they create an inviting and cosy atmosphere. Using the best elements of both styles can be a great way to revamp a room.


The kitchen shown here is another marvellous example of how two different decor styles can be harmonised together. The modern aspects of this room are found with the polished minimalist counter tops and cupboards that wrap around the kitchen. These cupboard panels have integrated the rich rustic wooden tint with a sleek and uncluttered design that is usually found with modern installations. This modern approach has been paired with the vintage wood panels on the ceiling and the stone wall. Together, they bring out the best qualities in each other. The angular and straight lines of this kitchen go very well with the rugged earthy elements of this room. This kitchen is a great model for designing a room that blends elements of the past, which is represented by the rustic wood and stone materials, and the future , which is seen with the modernised kitchen appliances and counter tops.

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Living room

When wanting to update a room in the home, it is not always necessary to completely change the entire decor and furniture of said room. Sometimes the only thing needed is one or two strong elements of a specific design style. Even with just a few additions, a new tone will be set for the room and the styles are combined. The inspiration for the living room of the picture shown here is based on that idea. The contemporary approach of the room can be found with the modern stylish rose-red couch and other furniture present in the room. The blend of the modern style with the rustic one comes to life with the inclusion of only two important elements: stone walls and the stunning coffee table of this living room. The table is made out of the trunk of an aged tree that has been varnished, polished and tinted. The common Nature element that is associated with the rustic style plays an important part of the overall look of this room. One or two key pieces can do a lot to transform a space as shown here.


The bedroom is a space where any style can be displayed and where more than one design can be combined with another one. The current image is a great inspiration for those seeking to balance a rustic decor with a modern edge. 

Firstly, the main style emanating from this bedroom is one of rustic inspiration because the room has a sturdy wall made with thick dark wooden slats, a tree trunk piece as a bedside table, the antique dresser and the wooden beams that frame the ceiling. The main modern element that has been blended with the rustic look of this bedroom is the stylish and elegant bed designed with sleek and straight lines. Both style end up complementing each other and offer a different approach on how to decorate a bedroom. 

This design has been made possible by Meier Architekten.

Rustic twisting staircase

This picture is a beautiful rustic element to add to any home. Even on its own, it is a statement piece that brings much character to the room it is in. The staircase of this image is a beautiful wooden piece that has been sculpted, sanded and worked specifically for this space. It blends in well with the rest of the room decor. When a stone wall alongside a wood element, as shown in this picture, they always go well together. Including an aged piece of wooden furniture to a home will give it a rustic influence as well as a make tribute to Nature. If an antique or vintage piece strikes the attention, why not introduce it into the home decor for a earthy look? One key piece or an entire room can be modelled after a design style and still look great among other decorative elements that might not necessarily be from the same style. The key is balance in order for everything to harmonise well together. 

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