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Ever wanted to have a nice bonfire in your backyard? Or throw a barbecue party in your garden? Or just enjoy a crackling fire in your patio in the winters? Well to do any of the above things you would need a firepit at your disposal. If the idea of buying a firepit, or getting one built seems too expensive and out of reach to you don't worry, you can always build one yourself. Yes you read that right. If you are clueless as to how to go about this, here are 6 tips that will help you design and build your very own hot firepit.

Dig out the pit

It is time to dig out the place where you will fit in your firepit. Be it in the ground in the middle of your garden, or in the cement base of your patio like the one designed here by DF ARQUITECTOS, you can dig out out a space for your firepit in most spaces. Only some places, like a terrace or patio with a wooden floor may be unsuitable to dig out a firepit, as its wooden base may catch fire.

Plan your firepit design

The next step in constructing anything is designing it. To get a clear idea of what your firepit should look like, go through firepit designs and what better place to look for them than homify! When you have found a design that fits your taste and needs, make a rough sketch of it. If you are terrible at drawing, hire a professional to do this for you. Keep in mind the amount of space at your disposal and the construction materials that you can afford before settling on a firepit design.

Measure where the firepit will go

Then measure the place where the firepit will go in in your garden, patio or even terrace. You need to find out things like the length, width and depth of the space where your firepit will go in. The shape and size of your firepit may need to be altered according to the measurements of the space available to you. But with a few tweaks you should still be able to go for the firepit that your heart is set on.

Mix concrete and lay the foundation

Step four is mixing the concrete and laying out the foundation of your firepit. There are many kinds of firepits available in the market, but the most cheapest one to build is a concrete base firepit with concrete or brick walls. You can lay out the cement foundation in a simple square hole in the ground or in your patio and then build the walls around it. A circular hole may look nicer, but building circular walls around it is more difficult.

Build the walls

Step five is building the inner and outer walls. You can go with basic cement, concrete or a brick for the inner wall so that is both sturdy, as well as fire proof. You can opt for rugged bricks or limestone for the outer wall, if you want to give your firepit a rustic twist. If however you want your firepit to look modern and sleek, make an outer wall of smooth stone or metal.

Fill it with wooden logs and use it!

The final step is to fill it with wooden logs and use it. Be it an impromptu party with friends and family to celebrate your brand new firepit, or just you and your partner enjoying a glass of wine around your cosy new creation, get some wooden logs and use your firepit. If you want your firepit to be a little higher like here, you can build a raised brick, stone or a metal casing with a carving in the centre to put in the logs and fit it into the ground. If you have a dearth of space, you can even carve out a firepit in your outdoor table like this one. You will need some comfortable chairs to enjoy a crackling fire. So here are 6 outdoor seating ideas to go with your new firepit.

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