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Store your shoes the stylish way

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Marilyn Monroe once said Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. But if you have killer shoes to take over the world, you wouldn't want to stow them away in a forgotten corner or a dowdy shoe rack would you? Why not showcase the beauty of your shoes and give them the attention they deserve. Forget about a shelf in your cupboard or some unseen corner of your home, celebrate yourself and your shoes in style. Here are 6 tips to store your shoes the stylish way!

Shelves are not just for books

A simple way to store and flaunt your shoes in style, is to display them on a shelf. And not just in your bedroom, you can keep them on a shelf anywhere from your study to your living room, depending on your level of comfort in showcasing them. The more quirky the shelf, the more eye balls your shoes will get. A simple zig zag wooden shelf like the one here designed by ALEGROO—INTERIOR DESIGN is both functional and beautiful to store your shoes in style in any room.

Display a twist on your staircase

Cantilevered Staircase with Inbuilt Shoe Storage: scandinavian  by Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts ,Scandinavian
Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts

Cantilevered Staircase with Inbuilt Shoe Storage

Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts

Another good place to display your shoes stylishly is the staircase. It's not as public as your living room, but its not an entirely private space like your bedroom. Your family and friends will still get a good chance to check out your interesting collection of shoes here. Be it on a landing turned into a shelf like the stairway here designed by SAVIO AND RUPA INTERIOR CONCEPTS from Bangalore, or shelves carved on one side of the stairway, you can give your stairway a twist by displaying your shoes there.

Nook in the wall

Another unique way to showcase your shoes is in a nook in the wall. A monochrome or neutral coloured nook in a stunning feature wall like here, can be the perfect place to flaunt your shoes in your living or dining area. Choose only the prettiest and best of your shoes, and definitely one's that don't even have a hint of bad smell for this space, as the nook might be right above people's heads while they enjoy a cup of tea or a drink with you.

Under or on a chair

If you have an unused chair lying around at home, colour it up and store a few bright shoes on it and display it in any room you like. You can also keep your shoes on the lower half or under a chair if you have an eclectic chair like this S shaped one here with storage space below it. To create a greater contrast store bright coloured shoes on black or white chairs, and flaunt black or white shoes on a colourful chair.

Window ledge

We often see people displaying books and souvenirs on window ledges. Why not use this space to showcase your best shoes too? So put your best foot forward and perk up a boring ledge of a window that you don't open too often with your prettiest shoes. Not just people inside your home, but even the one's outside will notice your stunning shoes and the stylish makeover of your windows!

Vintage ladder

Finally, you can store your shoes in style on a old or vintage ladder, and give both your ladder and your shoes a whole new look! You can store a different kind of shoe on each step and arrange them in order of priority—the best one on top, while the lesser favourite shoes of yours can beautify the lower rungs. If you are looking for some innovative, but a tad bit more conventional shoe racks, here are 6 unique shoe racks for you.

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