6 Bright Ideas for Shady Balconies

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In a large metropolis such as Singapore it is exceedingly difficult to find a residence with a balcony that doesn’t have, at least in some part, a shaded area. Tall buildings, trees, and a north-south situation can cause shading issues to your balcony, making it tricky to plant gardens and create an enjoyable balcony oasis.

Despite what you may have heard, a shaded balcony can actually be a blessing in disguise. Whether you have a fully shaded location or only part of your outdoor terrace covered, there are plenty of advantages to being out of the way of direct sunlight. Sunlight is damaging, and in an equatorial location it can be particularly harsh. Easy solutions such as colour scheme and flooring can provide the sense of warmth that may be lacking from a perpetually shaded space, while entertaining will prove far easier when you don’t have to worry about your guests’ sun safety. Moreover, there are actually plenty of ways to grow the vegetables, herbs and plants to complete your space, you just need to choose wisely and be considerate of their location when planting.

Today on homify we are taking a look at a few ways to enhance your shaded balcony, from timber flooring to comfy furniture, there are countless ways you can make the most of your valuable outdoor space. Read on to learn more, and give your balcony a facelift today!

Advantages of a shady balcony

Apart from the obvious protection from the sun's harsh rays, a shady balcony isn't necessarily a bad thing. When we think of domestic spaces, particularly outdoor areas, we tend to want to create a light-filled ambience, and shade is almost always an issue in achieving this. However, shaded balconies can provide a range of advantages including the following: 

 As Singapore is equatorial, things get extremely hot, and shade is definitely a welcome sight during this time.

 When entertaining in the day time, you will find your guests rather happy they aren't in plain sight of the sun's damaging UV rays. 

• Your balcony furniture will last longer as it isn't exposed to direct sunlight day after day.

 Some plants and herbs actually enjoy a partially shaded environment, and this will help them flourish. 

 Your air-conditioner won't have to work as hard to cool your home as each room that faces the balcony will be well-shaded. 

And disadvantages…

As well as those advantages, there are of course some disadvantages: 

 You may find it tricky to grow herbs, vegetables and other sun-loving plants.

 When entertaining it might be slightly chillier than those balconies that enjoy full sun. 

 Your interior spaces may suffer from a lack of natural light flowing into the far reaches of the room. 

 You will have to locate another area to bathe in the sun, and your deck chairs may find themselves rather empty during the cooler months. 

Pick the right flooring

When choosing flooring for a shaded balcony space it is important to consider the style and ambience you are attempting to achieve. Generally with a balcony or terrace area that is away from the sun, you want to ensure the space feels welcoming and inviting. For this you need softer materials such as timber. Timber is excellent as it won't feel as cold as tiles, but will still provide an easy clean, stylish solution to your space. 

Decking, timber tiles, and other wooden options are available, but it is usually a great idea to chat to a professional before embarking on some new floor options for your space. Take some cues from this gorgeous balcony space above and look at ways to increase the warmth of your shaded terrace. 

Carefully select furniture

Similar to the flooring, your furniture will want to offer a warm and inviting space for you and your guests. As your shaded balcony is away from direct sunlight it is possible to avoid an umbrella attached to your table, which can often make a space feel smaller. With more room to play with, you are able to consider larger furniture. 

In sunny areas, balconies and terraces it can be tricky to keep timber furniture due to the fact the sun dries out the wood, requiring constant maintenance. Take advantage of this and utilise timber in your space to add a comfy and hospitable area to unwind. 

Decide on a colour scheme

A shady balcony often requires 'lightening up'. This means that you will most-likely want to pick hues that are light, bright and reflect the small rays of sunshine that enter the space. By choosing a light colour such as white for your balcony you will create surfaces that can bounce light into your home, maximising its natural illumination. 

Additionally, earthy hues help provide a rich warmth and ambience, which work well when paired with timber furniture, flooring, and other metallic objects such as patio heaters. 

Add the right plants

Finally, we arrive at plants for your balcony. One of the biggest gripes with a shady balcony is the inability to grow certain varieties that require full or partially full sunlight. However, there are still plenty of options for those that possess a shady balcony. Head to your local nursery and chat to a professional who can advise the types of greenery that do not require too much light to grow. Ferns and other indoor plants can often do well in a shaded outdoor environment, as well as some green walls that are designed to need less sunlight. 

We hope this Ideabook provided you with a few neat examples and ideas to update your shady balcony! If you'd like to continue reading, check out Transform your balcony: an easy guide.

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