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Interior design ideas from a working studio in Hyderabad

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Studio Inside Element
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This studio is designed to get the creative juices flowing. Designed by Inside Element, Interior Designers & Decorators in Hyderabad, the studio has the perfect blond of working space, relaxation space and teamwork space. This combination, with the modern interiors suing eco-friendly materials, has resulted in an office that is absolutely dreamy and one we would not mind working in. Let’s take a tour and explore this wonderful working space.

The first look

Working Studio Inside Element
Inside Element

Working Studio

Inside Element

The first look of the studio brings us to an open space. There are no cubicles, just like the uber modern workspace of today. The floor is open, so anyone can talk to anyone. The beautiful wooden flooring is laid out in a uniform pattern across the entire length and breadth of the office. This uniformity gives a sense of uniqueness.

Waiting Area

The waiting area or the entrance is right by the main door. The main door leading to the office is an elegant wooden door. An exposed bulb lamp on the exposed ceiling creates a wonderful combination of design styles. The company name is displayed on the waiting area with well-lit letter in a bright colour. 

Industrial style décor

Working Studio 2 Inside Element
Inside Element

Working Studio 2

Inside Element

The designers have gone all out with the rustic, industrial style finish. There is an exposed brick wall on one end of the office, which gives way to a frosted glass cabin for the upper management. The layout of the office is very open and friendly. The overall look was designed specially to accommodate the open floor plan, with workstations being placed equidistant from one another. 

The wall of screens

On one side of the office is a wall filled with multiple screens. This is presumably done to monitor media, or other online activities that are required for the business to function seamlessly. This wall also has the same rough finish as the rest of the wall, keeping in line with the industrial style finish. 

Meeting room

The meeting room is unlike any conference room we have seen before. Since the office layout is less formal, so is the meeting room. There is a comfortable couch on one end, with a matching chair and an elegant white centre table. The textured green wall behind the couch gives us an insight into the business owner’s taste, which is rustic chic. 

Beyond the door

From the outside, we see that the double doors of the entry lead to the waiting area, which leads to the actual office. The waiting area also has stylish colourful armchairs, which make waiting quite comfortable. This modern office has a very different look and vibe as compared to other corporate offices, which is a welcome and refreshing change.

Trendy bathroom

The trendy bathroom design is a little different than the remaining office. However, the bathroom looks chic and stylish. The black and white interiors do match the office interiors in a way that it is extremely unique and different. There us a stylish marble sink, with grey sanitary fittings to give it a futuristic look. Take a look at another transformation story about a home in Poland—5 Impressive Bathroom Renovations

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