Antitheft tips to protect your home before it's too late

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Living in a home of one's own has its perks, like more space, a garden, garage or even a shed around it. But it also has some con's. The risk of burglary is prime among them, specially if you live in a slightly less densely populated area. But this shouldn't prevent you from living in the home of your dreams. Just don't be lax, there are many simple things you can do to ensure the safety of your home and family. Here are 6 antitheft tips to protect your home before it's too late, use these at once!

Don't advertise valuables

The best way to attract burglars is to show off. So don't do it. Always break up packaging for expensive things before tucking it into the trash. Take a look at your house from the outside. Most thieves look for cash, a wallet or an iPod left on your hall table and these can make your home a target. So don't leave these things lying around in places they are easily accessible from outside. Also make an inventory of your belongings to have at hand, which you can hand over to the police in case of a break-in. Mark your property using an engraver or ultra-violet marker and take photos of precious possessions.

​Make friends with your neighbours

Even if you have just a few neighbours, befriend them. In close knit communities, people look out for each other. But even if you are not very close to your neighbours, knowing them a little bit can also help, as they can report suspicious activity at your home and help when you're away and you can return the favour when they are away. If your area is very prone to burglaries, you can even form a neighbour hood watch and enlist your neighbours in it.

Don't provide cover

Another way to deter thieves from targeting your house, is to ensure a clear line of sight from the street. Cut back trees and bushes that obscure your front door, installing movement sensor lights and report broken street lights and get them fixed as soon as possible. Make your house number visible form the street for the fastest response from the police if you ever need to call them for help.

​Lock up your tools

View and use your shed or garage as an extension of your house. Put a couple of locks on the outside, plus wire on the window if you have windows, so thieves can’t use your garden spade or fork to open a door or window of your home. Never leave your garage door wide open, as this will not only give the burglars easy access to your tools, but also put your car at a risk for theft.

Monitor all targets

Keep an eye on the area not just around your home, but also your garage and shed. Garages and garden sheds are often targets for burglars who instead of carrying a bulky bag with tools, slink into your property and use your tools or ladders to gain access to the main house. Police reports suggest even trash bins are used to smash windows. Thus, never keep these outside your home or garage, keep them inside locked. An automatic light fitted to the shed or garage can be another useful deterrent.

Get motion sensors

Lighting up your home from outside adequately at night is critical, because a dark or poorly lit property is an easy target for a burglar to who can go about unseen. The best deterrent for crime and the best insurance for the safety your home is to install motion-sensing security. Motion-sensing security lights are the best option, as these get activated when motion is detected and the sudden change from darkness to the bright light will not only startle the intruders, but also alert you, your family and the neighbors.

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