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Has your darling toddler started scribbling all around the house of late? And is your living room sofa his or her favourite target? If yes, then we understand your situation completely. On one hand, you don’t really have the heart to stem your child’s creativity and budding passion for art! So you let him or her transform the entire house into a canvas. But on the other hand, your living room is where you entertain guests, and welcome friends and family. And your stylish sofa probably takes the centre stage in that space. So, if your tiny tot unleashes his or her artistic side on that sofa, you probably go through a tough time cleaning it up.

Well, we have some good news for you. Here is a bunch of tips and tricks which can help you with cleaning or concealing the art marks your bundle of joy left on your sofa, easily. After all, it’s really not possible to hide all the sketch pens and crayons from children for a very long time! But if they are getting creative, it’s time for you to come up with innovative solutions too.

Send your sofa for reupholstering

If that drawing on the sofa is particularly hard to clean, opt for changing the upholstery for good. After all, kids will be kids. And this way, you will be able to lend a brand new look to your living space too! Take a clue from this gorgeous room designed by ABCDesign, interior architects from Ukraine. We simply love the exciting fabric that has been used for the sofa.

Going for dark upholstery or busy patterns will also make sure that even your toddler scribbles on the sofa, the marks will hardly be visible! Black, or dark shades of blue, green or brown may be a good idea. Or if your little one has the habit of drawing on the back of the sofa, then pick a black fabric for the back and a different shade for the rest of the sofa.

Try to delete the marks with alcohol or a specific product

Alcohol is one of the most powerful cleaning agents when it comes to stubborn stains. Being a degreasing agent, alcohol can easily remove all those stubborn stains from ball point pens, sketch pens and any other medium your little artists chose to paint with.  So if you are looking at hiding children’s drawings on the sofa or on the walls, use alcohol and watch the stains disappear.

You can also pick products which have a substantial percentage of alcohol in them such as hand sanitizers or hair sprays, to remove those stains on your sofa. Though alcohol will get rid of most stains, you can apply specific products such as dry cleaning solvents for more obstinate stains. Just dab the dry cleaning solvent on the stain till it gets absorbed, and watch the art work on the sofa disappear.

Vinegar can solve the problem too

Vinegar too comes in extremely handy when you are trying to remove art marks made on the sofa by your kids. Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of warm water. Use this to remove all those drawing stains which have ruined your sofa or your walls. Vinegar especially is useful in removing old stains. So if you just happened to discover some old drawing made by your child on the sofa, use vinegar to say goodbye to those marks for good. Being an acidic substance which contains acetic acid, vinegar is immensely useful for dealing with pen and paint marks.

Never rub, rather try to clean with little touches

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While trying to remove art marks on the sofa, never ever rub the stain with the cleaning solution. Rather keep dabbing at the stain repeatedly. Rubbing the stain will only cause the stain to spread out, thereby increasing its surface area and your problem.  Rubbing any stain will also cause the molecules to get embedded deeper. So eventually, it will be extremely tough to clean.

So make use of the front sponging technique or the back sponging technique to remove the satin but avoid rubbing at all costs. We also suggest that you test the stain removing product you are using, on a small obscure area of your sofa to check its efficacy and side effects, if any. This way you can be sure of preventing any further damage to the sofa besides the stains.

Why not cover the sofa with a chic throw blanket?

If you do not want to invest in new upholstery then you can simply cover the “affected” part of the sofa with a throw blanket to hide that drawing. This is by far the easiest and quickest method of concealing marks and stains. Make a fashion statement by artistically arranging a cotton, wool, fleece or cashmere throw over the spot where your child scribbled. Opt for shades which add visual interest to the living room and also lend a cosy feel. Just make sure that your child doesn’t suddenly pull off the blanket to revel his precious artwork to guests!

If nothing else works, buy a new sofa

If all else fails, make your child’s drawing on the sofa an excuse to buy that lovely sofa set in the showroom which you have been eyeing since your last shopping spree. Take your pick from the numerous fashionable designs which have flooded the market since you bought your old sofa. You will thank your child for having expressed his artistic self! Try buying a sofa set which has readymade slip covers or get your neighbourhood tailor to stitch them for your new sofa to prevent it from further creative harm for the next couple of years.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a new sofa, or go for new upholstery or better still—get the cleaning solution of your choice and start attacking those drawings until your toddler decides to start expressing his or her creativity on paper! Gather inspirations from another ideabook - Luxurious sofa designs for your living room.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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